Plotting HDD then moving it to another PC, anything I should know?

  • I'm currently plotting on my main laptop and I have a spare laptop that I want to use to plot another HDD. When the HDD is finished plotting on my spare laptop, can I simply switch it over to my main laptop?

    Do I need to move any files over or anything more complicated? Also, if I switch it over, will the burst wallet miner recognize the new HDD? Thanks

  • You should be fine so long as your plots don't overlap! 🙂

  • Oh boy, forgive me I'm still new. How can I avoid this?

    I will be using the wallet to simultaneously plot 2 separate drives on seperate laptops.

  • @Vanquish said in Plotting HDD then moving it to another PC, anything I should know?:

    Oh boy, forgive me I'm still new. How can I avoid this?

    I will be using the wallet to simultaneously plot 2 separate drives on seperate laptops.

    I'm using my dumb way to generate plot without overlapping, using wplotter. I just made 1st plot: nonces 0-40000 (using 4000 RAM), and the next plot will be 40001 - 80000 (using 4000 RAM).

    The code in wplotter bat file is like this:
    1st plot >>>> wplotter xxxx xxxxxxxx 0 40000 4000 2
    2nd plot >>> wplotter xxxx xxxxxxxx 40001 40000 4000 2
    3rd plot >>> wplotter xxxx xxxxxxxx 80002 40000 4000 2
    4th plot >>> wplotter xxxx xxxxxxxx 120003 40000 4000 2
    .... and so on.

    That's for about 10GB size for each plot.

  • only 2 things to consider when swaping drive's #1 as covered above make sure your plots dont overlap , #2 remember that polts are bound to 1 account and can not be changed so you have to plot them with the account that will be useing them to mine.

  • @Gibsalot yeah, I will using the same account for sure and different drive letters. I just noticed that a folder is created by the burst coin client for that particular HDD. Now when I swap the HDD over, how does the client recognize the HDD and do I need to copy the HDD file folder to the new laptop?

  • @Vanquish client will find the plots... they have a command to seek them built into the app .... depending on witch miner you use plots will need to be in ither C:\burst\plots or C:\plots .. drive letter can change

  • Ok, I do need to bring the plotted files over to the main laptop so the client will auto seek them out? Sorry, just need to clarify...trying to avoid anymore head scratching over here 🙂

  • if your plotting with the All in one cilent and are going to use it to mine with as well all you will need to do is plug the HDD in and start the miner that HDD's drive letter may change from comp to comp but that wont matter

  • Awesome, much love to this community.

  • If you are using the plotter via the all-in-one wallet, it will start from a particular range depending on which drive letter your HDD has. This means that if you are plotting at the same time on two PCs, and by chance both HDDs have received the same drive letter, your plotter (because you launched it using the AIO wallet) will write the same plots on both of them, and they will thus be overlapped. To avoid this you can change the drive letter, plot manually like @bitko said, or use the 'expert mode' that comes with the newest versions of the AIO wallet w/ plotter. The expert mode lets you choose which plot number you want to start plotting from, so you can choose non-overlapping numbers.

    If you need more help on understanding plots, please let us know.

  • @Propagandalf Thanks for detailed and helpful reply. I'm thinking juts to change the drive letter should suffice if I need to. It's exciting to plot these bigger drives and get knee deep in burst coin. Before I've only used my extra laptop space but now it's a new ballgame 🙂

    Again, thanks for everyone who helped me so far!

  • @Vanquish You're welcome! Yes, as long as you aren't going to plot an insane amount of drives, having a different drive letter each time you plot a new drive should suffice for now. If your PC decides to give you a drive letter that has already been "used" on another drive, you can change it manually. When you are planning to go knee-deep in Burst (exciting, I know), it is a good idea to create a spread sheet with an overview of plots and stuff, just to make sure you don't get overlaps and other growing pains. 🙂

  • @Propagandalf


    I've got 2 NAS, a 4 bay and 5 bay that I've been mining. Unfortunately, the 4 bay NAS crashed and I had to rebuild from scratch. But after writing the plots on that, the mining just didn't work and I couldn't mine anything.

    I proceed to update my burst client for win (v0.3.1) to the latest AIO version. However, when I ran the latest burst client version, i'm unable to connect to the Online wallet, saying that i'm unable to connect to I've tried connecting via a web browser and it works fine.

    But now when I switch back to my burst client (v0.3.1) as the latest version was installed on a different folder, it showed this
    alt text

    WHere should i start to trouble shoot?

    appreciate the help in advance.