How to plot to a different drive

  • Can someone tell me how to plot to another drive using wplotgenerator. The program is on my C: drive and I have no problem plotting to the c:\burst\plots folder by writing into the cmd line: wplotgenerator <acct id> <start> <#nonces> <memory> <threads>.

    How to I point to a different drive, like E:, or F:, etc.

    I tried:
    wplotgenerator e:\ <acct id> <start> <#nonces> <memory> <threads>
    wplotgenerator e:\burst\ <acct id> <start> <#nonces> <memory> <threads>.
    wplotgenerator e:\burst\plots\ <acct id> <start> <#nonces> <memory> <threads>.

    with no luck. Thanks in advance.

  • admin

    @rds You need to change to the drive you're plotting, then call the plotter from there. eg

    c:wplotgenerator <acct id> <start> <#nonces> <memory> <threads>
    c:wplotgenerator <acct id> <start> <#nonces> <memory> <threads>

  • @haitch Thanks.


    c:\burst\wplotgenerator <acct id> <start> <#nonces> <memory> <threads>

    deposits the plot in f:\burst\plots.

    Thanks again.

  • admin

    @rds You're welcome.