Tate A

  • Hi! My name is Tate Artman, I am 19 and I live in the U.S.A, Ohio. I love technology, photography, and collecting guns. I used to work in construction, for about 1 year. Now I am kind of a tech guy, I set up home networks, and help people figure out how to use there technology, LOL. I like country music, apple products, and linux. I live on +55 acres.

    I like to play around with code, such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and etc. I really love web development.

    Accident Prone
    Some people like to say I'm accident prone. I'm just in the wrong spot at the wrong time.
    Had a car fall on my leg, fell off a 2 story roof and then somebody drops there drill and hit me in the head, had a gun blowup in my hands, and 42% of my body was burn from arc flash. And the list go's on

    How I found out about cryptocurrency
    On my laptop I got a virus called CryptoLocker. The virus encrypted all my files, and wanted 3.1 Bitcoins to get them back, at that time a bitcoin was worth about $875.00USD. I did know what a bitcoin was, so I started researching it. I thought the idea was cool so I bought a Andminer U3.

    I found Burst when I was doing a google search, I don't remember what I was searching. And google brought up a page bitcointalk form about burst, and I love the idea of POC mining.

    Pool.BurstCoin.ml my first and only pool. 🙂

  • @Tate-A Welcome to Burst Community, wish you a wealthy mining 🙂

  • @rnahlawi said in Tate A:

    Welcome to Burst Community, wish you a wealthy mining 🙂

    Same to you. Happy mining!

  • @Tate-A WOW that's a really impressive life in such a short span.. 🙂

  • @qibucks thanks