which pool should i use also help with warning signs

  • hi i have 455 gb woth of plots and i dont know what pool i should use also what does all this red and warning signs mean 0_1480645080543_Capture.PNG

  • ok looks like all of your plots are starting with nonces 500000001 and are over laped .. you basicly need to figure out witch plot file is the biggest and keep it and re plot the other's ... looks like plot file in E: 1867008 should be the biggest witch will make the last nonces in that plot 501867009 so your next plot should have a starting nonce of 501867010 and not the 500000001 number......... somone dubble check me hear but i belive thats whats going on ... also the name size mismatch is because you have a file thats currently ploting and not finished or filled a drive befor finished so the acutal size is not whats listed in the file name and will need to have plot checker ran on it .... the other error i see is the set reward assinment .. you need to select your pool you want to mine on and set reward for that pool then wait 4 blocks for it to change in the system around 16 min you will see a 1 burst fee in the wallet for this under tranzactions just wait till that fee has at least 4 confermations

  • First we can use the plotschecker tool. It might rename them if they are still good,


  • @Burstde OR I would leave the
    first at 500000001
    second rename to 510000001
    third rename to 520000001

    Run plotschecker
    mine and see which ones are good then delete the bad and replot while you mine

  • as far as witch pool with under 1TB i would not recomend Burst.ninja , Pool.Burst-Team.us , any others should be good . pool.burstmining.club is also starting to get some bigger guys on it as well

  • @Gibsalot Start with a small pool and keep track of the daily payouts, mine for a week.
    Switch to another pool until you feel comfortable to mine without watching it as you know what you can expect for weekly payments. I would say this pool has a talented designer and uses urays code. Oh and yes the pool needs to find a block daily in order for you to keep a good record



  • admin

    @Burstde You can't rename plots - the nonces are unique . You have to plot every one - you can't plot one file then copy and rename, doesn't work like that.

  • @haitch oh well their is one of my problems for corrupted plots. Crowetic had a tutorial that showed how to rename the plot I guess that doesn't work anymore? Don't see it in any tutorial anymore. okay

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    @Burstde If a plot is interrupted it can be renamed to reflect it's actual rather than intended capacity - the plotchecker does this - but you can't randomly assign a nonce range to a file.

  • [email protected] Okay so when i create 6 plots using a batch file. Then send the same 6 plot batch file again when they are done, I usually rename the start nonces as not to overlap first six plotted files.

  • admin

    @Burstde Yes - when you plot change the starting nonce to avoid overlaps.