miner-v1.160705 stalls on disc read error

  • I'm mining, optimizing, plotting and moving files on one Windows 10 machine. I realize i'm pushing it to the limits as I'm filling up external drives with plot files. I think if I was just mining this issue would disappear, however i'm looking to see if there is a solution via arguments and/or miner.conf entries.

    Periodically my drives will disconnect (I've read about USB 3.0 flaky performance) or a semaphore timeout occurs causing the miner to get a "read error". At this point the miner hangs and I have to manually close the program and restart it. By then the drive errors have gone away and the program runs fine until the next disk error. As I said if I lower the load on the machine the error frequency reduces. I've tried to use crash monitor programs but they won't see the miner as "crashed" since the program is still running just not doing anything.

    So the question are there any arguements that can be added to the execution command or parameters inside the miner.conf file to sense this stall and shut down the program and restart it?

    Thank you for your help,