Thoughts about latest Bittrex move

  • Disclaimer: This posible delisting might affect my asset.

    Now that that its out off the way.

    Hey there fellow traders 🙂

    Not sure if many of you know about this but recently Bittrex made some drastic move towards low volume coins. Namely coins now has to fulfill 0.5BTC daily trade volume in order to stay on bittrex exchange.

    Personally i think this is some of the scamiest moves i ever seen. There reasoning for this move ( can read it here ) i call bullshit.

    As i said in disclaimer this might affect my asset (tho i probably just gonna use another exchange, but there is some problems as not all exchanges has burst in them), but also i am concerned of the possible damage it might do to some coins (mostly POS based i would say since there principal is to be held for extended times).

    So, while my pockets and trade amounts arent big (i am no whale lol) i still will try to avoid this exchange.

    Whats is your opinion on matter?

  • yhea, "We look for coins that have high community demand" should read like "We look for coins that have high fees revenue" !-/

  • @nixxda yea feel the same. I understand delisting dead or scam coins, but this here is just plain old greed.

  • @LithStud That really sux big time..

  • People from my casino can't even deposit to the accounts, Bittrex doesn't allow newly created wallet addresses! Like WTF -.- they all moved to Polo after this, very bad move Bittrex!!

  • @Zeus for real? 😮 i thought you need to set some kind of message with deposit (not encrypted one) and thats it.