(7) 2TB Western Digital RED drives

  • I am selling (7) 2TB Western Digital RED drives. These drives are made for NAS storage devices, however work just fine in desktops, or for your custom FREENas servers that I know some of you build



    I have run thorough disk checks on all of these drives, and prior to being replaced, none were having any issues what so ever. They have also been formatted with NTFS and are ready to go for your needs.

    They retail for about $89 each, I am asking $50 each (plus actual shipping costs) or we can make a deal on multiple drives.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  • These are 3.5" drives, and will not work in laptops unless you bought one to put into an external enclosure of some kind (usb).

  • If you've still got any by the Thursday after next, I'll probably get one

  • I will leave the thread current until they are gone. I also have them listed on craigslist.