• Hello, I was born on September 4th I don't wanna tell my age as it doesn't really matter.
    But I've always had a lust to make money other than doing "work" so that's when I was introduced to Bitcoin. But before Bitcoin was trying to earn CS:GO skins as I was a young kid trying to get those stupid virtual skins, I started out on small gambling sites till they got shutdown. Then I found which is a Bitcoin faucet. After a couple of months I earned about 300$ worth of Bitcoin. Not much so that's when I found these currencies that use data and I was like OK I can save 100$'s of dollars on this and it is new so the more I get and the more it is worth the more $$$. e.e Don't judge me one day I'll either be Rich or Poor

  • Haha no judging here, you can find burst has its own little casino happening, I've played a few games myself you might enjoy yourself there welcome to the community