adding/removing plots

  • Hello to all !I m newbie on burst coin and i tested mining with a 1 TB external HD all the previous week . the proccess went ok and I m thinking to add plots in my internal HD cause i have at least 2 more TB free there for better results , but I want to ask 1st if i change mind in the future and if i want to remove the plots, how easy it is and which is the best way ? All this will harm my hard drive or is it safe for the hardware ? Also I noticed that when i leave AFK and the pc is turning on sleep mode the mining process is stopping and resuming once i ll come back and turn it on, any solution on this ?

  • admin

    @Erevos There's no harm to your hardware. If you want to remove plots in the future, just delete the plot files and you get the space back. As for sleeping, go into Power Options and change the scheme to high performance - it'll stop going to sleep.

  • @haitch ok thats really great news 🙂 it sounds simple . Thanks a lot for your response now i can add at least 2 more TB in the mining process .