What can we do about an Asset not paying out?

  • So BCapital is an asset that hasn't been paying out. The last (and only) time it paid out was 17th October. It's an asset that's invested in other assets and it looks like Burst is still in the account. And the assets it invested in have been paying into it. But it hasn't been paying a dividend to the asset holders. The guy b457, who runs the asset, was somehow connected to the Burst team but this asset is not connected to the Burst team. Anyway he is nowhere to be seen. I've tried making contact with no answer. Apparently other people here have his contact details but we haven't heard anything from them either.

    Maybe he's dead. Maybe he's hospitalised. Maybe he sitting at home stoned. We have no idea.

    I just wanted to say that it's important when making assets that you plan for any contingency. What would happen if you died? How would people be able to access their Burst? These are important things to consider in this new financial world. The whole point of block-chain is that it's trust-less so we don't need intermediaries but we've set up these economies that resemble how we've always done things but without all the rules and regulations that we need to trust the places we put our money.

    It's my feeling that this is a very important issue that has not been addressed in this community. I would love to hear peoples thoughts and suggestions.

  • @Jman, it's very sad to hear this kind of issue. But, this is common phenomena in any investment plan. Nobody wants to lose the investment, and every investor wants the good return. Sadly, there are still scammers roaming around. I'm not sure if BCapital owner is kinda scammer, but if he never show up and clarify the issue, he will definitely be marked as one of them.

    Let's see the comments from some seniors here.