Slower read speeds with much faster GPU Card

  • I have 2 machines mining and I seem to be getting slower GPU mining read speeds on my rig with the 1060 vs an old 770. The rig with the 770 has a 1st or 2nd gen i5, and the mining rig with the new 1060 has a G4400.

    All drives are connected via sata and optimized. Is my bottleneck the G4400 or the fact that the 1060 is currently plotting and mining and the 770 is just mining?


  • That depends, are you mining with a gpu assisted miner?

    And yes, currently plotting with a card/drive combination can slow down read times on that particular drive as commands are queued up (read-write-read-write-read-write....) as opposed to just read/read/read/read/read.

    But there could be lots of reasons.

  • Yes GPU assisted miner.

    Not sure what other reasons there could be? Everything is slower on the older computer but (except for the CPU I think old i5 is better than G4400) its getting faster mining.

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