Deadlines, what are they?

  • Hi, I'm new to burstcoin, thought I would mine me some since I have a few PC sitting around not doing anything.

    I have plotted an 800Gb plot file using the AIO wallet. I'm mining at using burst miner r4 x64. I managed to get everything working but am concerned that I'm not submitting anything.

    I keep getting {"errorCode":1008,"errorDescription":"The deadline for your nonce is too long: 9
    months, 19 hours, 23 mins, 49 secs (23397829). Our max deadline is 691200"}

    So what does that error mean? Am I submitting nonces or am I not? It doesn't seem right to me, can someone please explain this.

    Thank you.

  • Okay after doing a bit of reading here I found some info about deadlines.

    If I ran the plot optimizer would that decrease the amount of time of my deadlines?

    Can I create a plot on a networked drive and have more than one PC read that plot for mining purposes?

  • @MisO69 welcome to burst!

    you are submitting nonces, but they result in a deadline that exceeds the limit for the pool. info about deadlines and poc mining can be found at

    my suggestion would be consider switching pools to one that accepts higher deadlines (having something besides zero for your historical share for the block is better than, well zero). i believe is in the AIO wallet and has a high deadline limit. there is a spreadsheet of pools which will give some idea of their deadline limit provided at

    optimizing your plots won't increase your deadlines. it will decrease the hard drive read time and wear on the drive.

    there is no benefit to mining a plot with multiple machines because it will still contain the same nonces. in order to benefit from mining with another machine plot more space on it with different nonces.

    i hope this helps and good luck with the mining!

  • @miso69 if anyone facing the problem of deadline exceed the deadline limit of pool just visit this link

  • You need to update your mining software to latest version. POC2 pools do not accept old miner software because it will not convert POC1 plots to POC2 plots on the fly.