2 New Prediction Markets 12/6/16

  • Hello all

    I am releasing the next prediction market assets today.

    There will be two separate events. There will also be a safeguard against someone who wins losing any BURST from the fees. I will be purchasing the other side so this cannot happen. There will also be a much larger pool of 1,000,000 tokens for each side at 10 BURST each.

    These markets will be much shorter than the last. You have until 12AM EST Dec 9, 2016 to acquire your tokens and the settlement date will be 12AM EST Dec 12, 2016.

    90% of the total is distributed to the winning side.

    Event 1:
    Will Ethereum be higher or lower than $7.18 on Dec 12, 2016 at 12AM EST according to ETH Coincap?
    Higher Asset - PREDICT2AH - 7715278995762106451
    Lower Asser - PREDICT2AL - 11955450808357081474

    Event 2:
    Will BURST price be higher than 75 Satoshis on Dec 12, 2016 at 12AM EST according to BURST Coincap?
    Higher Asset - PREDICT2BH - 10387004990651558263
    Lower Asset - PREDICT2BL - 393209621927171344

    Feel free to ask any questions. Let's get started.

    Also ten percent of revenues are distributed to the CDX Alpha Asset Holders 🙂