www.ciyam.org/open - The new way of crowdfund developments and jobs?!

  • Hi there folks,

    We, in the Team, are trying to come up with a list of all the projects Burst related that are being worked on (development or anything - it doesn't have to be coding development necessarily, could be graphics, marketing, translations or whatever is in your minds or in motion that will drive Burst up?!)

    So please everyone that have a project going on Burst related let us know, so we can add it to the www.ciyam.org/open and everyone could easily pledge to the correct job and check the progress as often as they like?!

    We are asking people to let us know because there is only the possibility of having a project manager to post jobs, tasks and to assure that the job is done and give the job as done in the site so it could be released to who completed the job, and that project manager is @crowetic ...

    So what we need to know for a job to be eligible in there is:

    PROJECT NAME and wallet funding address (total funds to be distributed below to project areas)

    • Project Areas and wallet funding address (funds come from project, and go to tasks or areas below)

    • Tasks and wallet address (funds to be paid directly to person who completes job)

    Any project and task that we add need to include the project area name, and the tasks that will be associated. We will limit tasks to a 1 week max per task, so if the task is going to take longer, it will need to be broken down into multiple smaller areas, with tasks under them...

    This system will pay for completed jobs, and function as a roadmap...

    The system is basically a folder structure, with a wallet address attached to each section, subsection, and task.
    The money in overall project account goes to project areas below, project area funding goes to other project areas below, and/or tasks themselves. Task funding goes to person who completes task.
    The people who apply for the tasks will put in what is called a 'dib', and that dib will be sent to the project manager.
    The people will state how long they expect the task to take to complete, and submit with the dib.
    The project manger will decide whether he likes that estimate, and approve/deny the job...
    There is a system to give ratings to both the task doers, and the project manager, to build reputation for both.

    So whoever have projects to be added to the list, please post in here, PM me or post on the Alttech chat created for this...

    Would love to hear about this from you folks, so please let us know?!

    This is the LINK for the BURST project wich have not yet any projects associated but will have as soon as the projects start popping up in here and be approved by @crowetic

  • Wow this is fantastic

  • @gpedro That is awesome. But I can't reach www.cyiam.org/open, is that normal ?

    Edit : nevermind, I copy/pasted the link from the title and there is a typo there ! http://www.ciyam.org/open/ works fine

  • @Gadrah_ Yeah i corrected the typo already xD
    Sorry for that ;P
    @dagentlemang @Gadrah_ it is indeed a really cool feature that i've been waiting for some time and finally we are ready to lauch it so we really need this projects to start being transmitted so they can be posted in there... This will bring us more organization and will make donators to know exactly in what they are pledging to?!

  • Very nice project 😃

  • I've put the first sections and sub-sections into the system... There's an error on the Web Development section which I'm letting the developer know about.

    Other than that, and a few more tests we're doing internally, everything is in order.

    I should be publicly announcing this in the Bitcointalk thread, as well as a separate announcement thread here soon when it goes officially live.

    Everyone will be able to track development, donate to individual sections or the overall project or even individual tasks they'd like to see completed faster, they'll be able to see what is going on and what is planned.

    So basically, it functions as a roadmap, crowdfunding for development, and a live project management system.

    Anyone can apply for the tasks, see how much they'll pay, and get paid for completing them.

    Welcome to the new world!

  • The future of jobs in the virtual community will only be done through means like this , Freelancers using P2P this is amazing news, The future is neigh

  • @all If there is some project you'd like to see in there since the beggining drop me a PM because i am building a list in order to @crowetic to put in there... So if you are a Developer or just someone that would like to see a project made, drop me a PM and i will let crowetic know about it... This thread is a PRE-ANN so we could start with a good list of projects in there since the start?!

    As you may know @crowetic is really busy lately and have been really hard for him to keep up with all the PM's and that is the main reason i am trying to help with this list... If you want you can use the appropriate alttech chat room created for this purpose 😉

  • I am happy today that I can make an announcement for all to clearly see the very bright future. Everything is working fine so far (Im working almost 24/7 with only a couple of 3 hours of sleep day max, but I know that in the end its not for me but for the community as a whole, and good things are coming to all of us in the very near future, I can promise that. There is BIG things in the News which will be released very soon, including Videos I am currently working on, new Website Projects, new Developers hired which Im currently in VERY Close talks on a daily Basis, but guess what, thats not all! There is also Big Investors Money coming in, new contracts Close to be signed, etc, the future is bright.

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