• Guys I'm strugling a lot with mining!
    I don't know why I never get any burst at all! When I check my pool online my account is never there!
    Is it because I only have 100GB?
    Does anyone know a good poll for someone with few GB?

  • @sodahazy check your miner for responses from the pool either confirming or stating submission exceeds their deadline limit. different pools have different limits so suggested plot size does vary between them. for suggestion according to plot size refer to spreadsheet linked from this post

    sorry for being vague but more info would be helpful in order to provide more specific recommendations.

  • Could explain a little more about the deadline? I taught I could just pick any pool and they would mine fine. How does the deadline works?

  • @sodahazy deadline is the number of seconds before a block is forged.
    refer to for info on how poc mining works, see flow chart mapping out how a deadline is reached.

    relevant here is that pool's set a target deadline and will not confirm a deadline which exceeds this. if your miner can't find a nonce with a deadline for the block within the deadline it either doesn't submit ('no deadline') or the pool replies with an error. no confirmed deadlines, no shares, no listing on pool web page.

    again you haven't provided info so i am assuming here.