NAS Plot

  • Can we not plot a NAS? I have 10 tb NAS shared and mapped I run write plots and get this, what am I missing?

    Windows Burstcoin plot generator V1.17 by Cerr Janror

    Please consider donating some of your newly mined Bursts to support further development:

    Creating plots for nonces 18446744072014584321 to 18446744072014584321 (0 GB) using 13200 MB memory and 6 threads - using AVX codepath...
    Setting priority class 'below normal'...
    Allocating memory...
    Checking directory...
    Opening file...
    Checking file size...
    Choosing worker routine...
    100 Percent done. Average 0 nonces/minute.
    Finished plotting.


  • what command line did you use?

    18446744072014584321 to 18446744072014584321 <--- looks like your start and finish are the same nonces, so it's not going to do anything.

  • just clicked plot drive on my burst wallet

  • @bigd i would suspect the wallet is failing to read the size or available space of the networked drive so it is not able to providing the proper command reflecting the amount of nonces to plot.
    not very familiar with AIO wallet or windows networked drives but doesn't it usually provide a slider with the amount of space to plot?
    have you tried running the plotter from command line to check that it is able to see and write to the drive?

  • no I have not used cdm to do this always used wallet any info on cdm's or plotter? thanks for your help

  • @bigd forgive me, strictly linux user so bear with me

    AIO uses this plotter so it should be on your system already:

    wplotgenerator [account id] [start nonce] [number of nonces] [stagger size] [threads] {/async}

    to get the account id i would refer to existing plot file names which take the form of [account id] _ [start nonce] _ [number of nonces] _ [stagger size]

    the start nonce i would choose something very far from what AIO wallet has plotted already to avoid overlap

    for number of nonce i generally work off the idea of 4096 is a GB of disk space

    stagger size reflects memory use during plotting (4096 is still a GB)

    async writing works well for me to speed up plotting on network drives (using nfsd in linux)