Rainbow 6, Warhammer End Times, Gears of War 4 product code

  • Hi guys I bought a new desktop that came along with some freebie games. Since I'm not planning to play them I will try to exchange them for burstcoins.
    Rainbow 6 and Warhammer end times are bundled together (only gave me one code for both games) I'm looking for 66k burstcoins.

    Gears of War 4 will be 33k burstcoins.

    Feel free to ask questions or whatever.

  • No one wants them?
    Lowering price:
    Rainbow 6 and Warhammer end times : 35k burstcoins
    Gears of War 4 : 20k burstcoins

    I can offer proof or post screenshots that they are unused if you want me to.

  • admin

    @hah Good prices - if I had the time to game I'd look at them .....

    Good luck with sale.