Multiple Miners on one accpount (pool mining)

  • Hi,

    I just started mining Burst.

    I have one miner, which is mining with ~5 TB at

    I now want to start another worker on another PC with another 5 TB. Is it better to make a new wallet and mine to this wallet with the second miner or can I just use Plots for the same account as for the first worker (of course with other nounces) and the two workers will be as efficient as one Worker with 10 TB?

  • Hi @schnebi

    Both is possible, but i would recommend to use a second account on the other PC. The reason is, that (as far as i know) some Pools have penalty-funtions which would reduce your earnings if you submit bad deadlines after already submitting a better one.

    So for example:
    PC1 send a deadline of 5000 to the Pool after 10sec of mining the current round.
    PC2 doesnt know about this first deadline from PC1 and send a deadline of 20000 after 12 seconds of mining the current round

    In this case the deadline from PC2 wont give you any benefits and some Pools will lower your earnings because you produce some overload on the pools which is avoidable

    Hope this helps...

    EDIT: If this is an option and the 2 PCs are in the same local network you could avoid this by mounting the HDDs of PC2 to PC1 over the local network and mine them all together from PC1. So you only have 1 miner mining on the 2 PCs with the plots for the same account.

  • @schnebi Since Burst is all about "Proof-of-Capacity", You need to have more HDD capacity in one account.
    I suggest you start miner on first PC in proxy mode and let it mine in pool as it is, On 2nd PC let it mine on the proxy IP and port (1st PC IP with port 8126).
    This way, you will have all capacity reported to pool and better chances of winning blocks.
    However, make sure your plots do not overlap between the 2 PCs.

  • @rnahlawi said in Multiple Miners on one accpount (pool mining):

    @schnebi Since Burst is all about "Proof-of-Capacity", You need to have more HDD capacity in one account.

    I think this is wrong. It doesn't matter if you mine on 1PC with 100TB or on 10 PCs with 10TB on each. Your earnings would be the same...

  • @piezo If you say so 🙂

  • @rnahlawi
    Thinking and Knowing is not the same. 🙂
    Maybe we get some other opinions from more experienced users.

  • @piezo why won't you try it yourself and see the result

  • @rnahlawi
    Because its a lot of work for a output thats like expected in my opinion. 🙂

    Its all about probability. As far as i know, the Account-ID has no impact on your earnings in a long timescale. So every miner has the same chance to win a block (If the Plotsize is const.). With only the ID changing in this setup " 1Account with 100TB or on 10 Accounts with 10TB each" you would say, that the ID has an influence on your earnings. If this is right, the whole concept of POC-Mining as it is implemented in BURST is ruined. You only have to "search" for the kind of Master-ID and rule the Coin. 😉

    Let me know if i make a mistake here...

  • @piezo If you have more plotted space in one account you have more chances of better deadlines but in the long run your earnings should be the same more or less... The proxy function it should be the way to go if he uses the same network and the same account in 2 different PC's at the same time but will only work with blago miner since any other miner has the proxy function... 😉

  • @gpedro said in Multiple Miners on one accpount (pool mining):

    If you have more plotted space in one account you have more chances of better deadlines

    Ok it seems that the mistake is on my side here. 😇

    But why is this. Let´s think i own half of the overall plotsize out there in the BURST-Community. So i would win every second Block with this setup in the long run. Why shouldn´t that be the case if i split these huge amount of my plots in lets say 1 Million Accounts that i own. The result is the same: I win every second block. Same if a make Accounts with very small plots. So i don´t have more chances of better deadlines with only one Account?!

  • admin

    @piezo your chance of winning a block is based on your capacity - it doesn't matter if you have 1 account with 100TB, or 100 accounts each with 1TB - the probability is the same.

  • @haitch

  • But let's assume the following:

    I have two miners with 5 TB on a pool with the same account id

    Miner one gets a deadline of 12 hours and Miner 2 gets a dedline of 13 hours. In this scenario only the 12 hour dedline would be counted by the pool.

    If I would mine to different account sI will get a reward for the 12 hour dedline and for the 13 hour deadline...

    As I said, I am absolutely new to burst mining, so please correct me if im totally wrong...

  • admin

    @schnebi with separate accounts, both deadlines would be accepted - but only the 12 hour one has a chance of winning. Your mining capability is the amount of storage you allocate to Burst.

  • @haitch
    But with poool mining I don't have to win, or am I wrong... Maybe another one from my pool wins and both of my accounts will get a reward...

  • admin

    @schnebi your second deadline will reduce the payment to the first deadline. I haven't done the math, but gut says you won't benefit.

  • @haitch I think the only way this "might" work is to be mining on different pools. That way the second deadline will not reduce the payment for the first, which my gut agrees with as being a zero sum game.

    However I suspect there is also a negative to the multipool in that a block winning Current Round payment will be for a single deadline that might not have been your best, and so be reduced. So any gain will come from Historic Share each of which will be lower than on a single Pool and I suspect again a zero sum game?


  • @RichBC I think that if you have some medium capacity (like half of the list in historical shares) in every pool on the network it should be benefical because you will win burst every block for sure, instead of only mine when you are in the pool that mines the block (and this strategy eleminates even more the lucky factor) but for that you would need a lot of plotted space, don't even know how to do the math to calculate the amount of plotted space you should have to do that LOL