A few questions from a brand new soon-to-be miner!

  • Hello,
    I am brand new to this type of community. I have not participated in any type of cryptocurrency actually.
    I think I partially understand the basics, but I still have lots to learn.

    Currently, this laptop I have has 825GB of free space. If I start to mine, will this space be taken up and decrease? Also is that enough space to start and will mining have any downsides that hurt my computer?

    What are the first software programs I need to install to get going?

    I heard that 'pooling' is the best way for individuals to earn profit. How do I know what pool suits me best and how do I join one?

    Thank you so much if you spent the time to read and answer the few questions I asked.

  • HI and welcome,

    the you can decide the quantity of your free space to dedicate for mining, could be the full 825GB or less, it is up to you when you will start the plotting procedure.

    The first software I guess is the wallet (you can use the online version as well), but is you are on windows the client should have everything build in to let you start mining with no problems. Check here for more infos:

    About the pool, there are many try to check here:

  • @ccminer Ok, so I can choose the amount of space to dedicate, but will the space become unusable when I start mining?

  • @T1222 It will be occupied, if you want to free it later you will have to delete your plot file

  • yes the space you decide becomes filled with a file called a plot file

    to be honest the more space the better

    if your laptop has usb 3.0 i would purchase a external hard drive and use that

  • @ccminer What is a plot file? And what will happen when I delete it?
    Thanks for replying btw

  • @T1222 you need it in order to mine (very easy version), when you delete it you free the space on your disk and you can not mine anymore

  • @Njcfamily31907 Yeah, I understand that more free space is better, but until I learn more about this and if I find success in this, I won't be buying an external hard drive.

  • @ccminer Ahhhh, I see. I'm currently plotting my drive, but it isn't giving me the option to dedicate less than the 825GB. How do I dedicate less?

    Disregard this. I see a slider now.

  • @T1222 I don't use windows, so I don't know.
    If you whant to have more control you should use another program, but maybe it will be more complicated.
    A list of availble programs is here:

  • basicly in mining the vast majority of crypto's use CPU's , GPU's , to run at near 100% full time to do complex math problum's to make a block on the block chain, with burst you only do the math calculations 1 time and insted of throwing the info away and starting fresh each block. when you plot you are doing the math equations and saving them to the HDD as plots. when mining all you do is scan the plots and see if you have the magic equation to add the next block.. uses far less energy than any other type of crypto and the hard ware does not get burned up from being ran so hard all the time.

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