• Is bigger better? I have some smaller drives running and some larger. I notice that i can find DL with the smaller drives while the larger is still loading to 100%. So what is the best practice?

    Would having 6TB Drives be better then say 2TB drives?

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    @CrazyMiner The more capacity, the more likely you are going to hit a block. More drives = More Income.

  • I just notice having the smaller drives helps me find DL that the larger drives are missing due to load times. So would having a combination of smaller and larger drives have any affect? Or would just Large drives be better although load times are excessive? Smaller drives load in 5 seconds, large drives 30 seconds...

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    @CrazyMiner The average round for a block is 4 minutes - so completeing in 5 seconds or 30 seconds isn't an issue.

  • @CrazyMiner does not matter if you have a ten 1TB's or a single 10TB 10tb worth of plots will take around the same time to scan and will mine the same amount of burst ... the only factor there would be differances in HDD speed and the way they are connected to the comp. when mining yes smaller drives scan faster because they have less info to scan over, also you scan more than 1 HDD at a time so it would be imposible to tell if the deadline found came from the small drive or the big drive.

  • @CrazyMiner As others have said it's your total TB that counts. So your buying decision should be based on $ / TB including the cost of interfacing the drive to the PC. At the moment I find the sweet spot to be based on 5TB drives.


  • yep , what i have been able to find if your under 30$ usd per TB thats about the best price on a new HDD your gona find

  • Consider this: the less drives you have, the less connections (SATA or USB3), storage space, and electricity you need, so you have less overall investment. Bigger drives are also probably easier to sell or repurpose in the future.