Superskid Mining Asset 1

  • ASSET ID: 3862010576244086434

    Consider this thread the official launch of my first mining asset.

    To compare my asset vs some of the other mining assets available please see here:

    There are multiple tabs on the spreadsheet, 1 to track the TB mining and another to track payouts.

    I will change the price of the asset to always reflect and effective cost of ONLY $36 USD per TB to the asset holder (give or take a few pennies as price of burst and BTC fluctuate)

    This is sold under the following conditions:

    1.) Although Burst_wallet calls this an asset, every share represents 100MB of mining power, so you are purchasing space on my hard drives dedicated toward mining

    2.) I will be taking a 15% fee (built into my $36.00 USD / TB); however, I reserve the right to change this if my 15% no longer at least covers the power

    3.) You are entitled to the following if I ever decide to turn the miner off for any reason I choose (don't see why I ever would but need to cover all bases) Times are from 12/8/2016 not your purchase date
    0 - 6 months - 110% of purchase price - That's right if I shut down early I'll buy back with 10% bonus
    6 - 12 months - 80% of purchase price
    13+ months - decrease of 5% each month

    4.) If I ever lower the price per TB purchase price you will not be entitled to a refund but of course you don't pay more if it goes up

    5.) All current payout address, balances and information will be kept in the spreadsheet linked to above

    6.) Payouts will be roughly whenever the asset has 100,000 burst to distribute or earlier

    As an added BONUS on 12/9/2017 at a random time I will payout the entire balance of the account (less proceeds from asset sale) to all current asset holders. So if only 1 person buys they will get it all.

  • If anyone wants to buy in BTC just send me a PM, price is in the spreadsheet I will send a unique BTC address to you and then transfer the shares upon in confirming.

  • @superskid your asset seems pretty reasonably priced and from past posts on other threads I know you've been thinking about this for some time. Congrats on finally posting the trigger on the asset! Couple of questions though: 1) Is your mining power ever going to increase or will it stay at 80TB or so? 2) Have you considered having your identity verified by @haitch ? I'm only asking because although it sounds like you've been in burst for a while now, your forum account's reputation/number of posts is similar to mine and i must admit, i'm still a bit of a newbie at burstcoin. Just figured it'd add some value and make your asset more reputable.

    A fellow Canadian

  • @vier23 My mining power will increase and is in fact much bigger, but I will do that as a separate asset. I find it easier to have each mining lot mine to one account and then distribute that. Then keep issuing new shares in the same asset as I add more TB.

    Sure I'll message him now to get the work started.

  • @superskid I think both your method of growing and the method of some other assets have pros and cons. Will definitely give your asset a shot though once I've got some more bursts in my wallet. We'll see what works better! And appreciate your willingness to get the identity verification process started

  • @vier23 In the interim, here is a link to my bitcointalk account that has a trust center:

    If you message me on there I will reply here to prove it.

  • @superskid you might want to check your link. it says the profile doesn't exist;) I'm sure it's just your link though

  • @vier23 Oops, it was because I was logged in so directs to my profile, let's try this one:;u=78929

  • @superskid Thanks man, i'll grab a few assets when i accumulate some bursts. Cheers!

  • @superskid Interesting asset. On which pool are you mining and under what name ? Can we have some pictures of the drives ? 🙂

  • Ask and you shall receive! This is miner 1 (slowly being moved to miner 2 where you will see it's much cleaner.


    Here is another tower and stack of hard drives that will go into another asset if this is successful. As you can see the LSI card is installed and will mine off of miner 2 for max sata read speeds, no usb bottlenecks.


    These are the rest of the miner 1 drives, again slowly being moved into that empty tower and the more powerful miner 2


    This is miner 2, that also has the main LSI card powerful enough to connect another 2 full towers of drives too. (reason I am phasing out miner 1, miner 1 will become dedicated plotting.


    There are also another 100TB of drives unopened but since that isn't part of the asset and I didn't feel like opening all the boxes those pics are saved for next asset.

    Let's sell this one out!! BEST DEAL FOR A MINING ASSET GOING!!

  • @superskid waiting for pool payout, will buy at least 1 shard then depending on how I did

  • Oh, forgot to say I am mining here:

    If you look quickly I found the last block!

    Keep in mind that ninja pool only reports the total drives of 1 of your miners when mining on multiple PC's. As you can see in my spreadsheet I have 50GB on one machine 32GB on the other. They will eventually be the same.

  • @superskid Thanks for all the photos and the updates. I actually placed an order last night but for some reason it seems to be stuck...No confirmations and just stuck on order pending - can't cancel either. anyone have this issue or know what to do?

  • @vier23 I've never heard of that?? How many shares did you try to buy I'll see if I see it

  • I would like to have a little more length of time in the community before doing anything with this asset, a newbie coming in and making an asset in the past 99% scams. Please keep this in mind @community.

    If it isn't a scam, that's fine and all, but newbies starting assets ALWAYS worries me.

  • @crowetic Understood, above I did link to my bitcointalk account that is from 2012 or 2013 and they have a trust system. Message my account linked to above and I'm happy to reply here.

    Alternatively if you're in western Canada message me and come over for a beer and check out the rig in person.

  • We're on fire!!


  • @superskid I only tried to buy 9 shares at the time (00h:27m pacific time). I have some more bursts now and will try to make another purchase. I just hope that the original purchase order processes or if it gets abandoned at some point, my bursts come back. If you could have a look that would be great.

  • @superskid Out of curiousity, where in western canada are you located?