I know this probably gets asked a lot, but is it actually worth it to mine burstcoin?

  • Can someone show me the numbers and explain to me how mining would be worth it? I'm just looking at the prices of the drives and how much you would actually make with them and it just doesn't make any sense at all to me...

  • @BURSTguy not really sure what I would do, just asking for all options and opinions

  • @davidh888 yes, of course it is. weather you want to dump it or hold it. If you were to try to mine bitcoin in your home you would most likely lose money or profit slowly. If you were to take the money you would invest in bitcoin mining and put that in Burstcoin mining you would earn more bitcoin per month than actually mining bitcoin straight out. Although if you do hold it for a longer term it would be in your best interest.
    EDIT: Burstcoin has peaks where ROI on a 8TB HDD @$320USD would be 6 months
    Right now I think ROI would be a year and a bit (Which is still better than Bitcoin mining ROI)

    But if you were to hold burst until the price goes up the ROI is even sooner (but some people prefer to have a steady income instead )

  • Yes, it is. But only if you get proper equipment, and by proper, I don't mean the most expensive and fastest, I mean the lowest dollar you can get per terrabyte.

    It's all about storage.

    A (relatively) slow external 8TB drive that you can get at $200 can ROI you faster than a 4TB blazing fast enterprise drive for the same amount.

  • Or you can buy 8TB of mining power for me from $288 and not have any expenses for plotting/mining equipment, or power.


  • Yep, or you can get assets.

    Either way, it's all up to you and your risk appetite