New and Improved Relaunched Pool / Bcmp.WebHop.Me

  • Hello all

    I would hereby like to announce that the Pool

    Pool.BurstCoinMining.Com also called is now open

    Thanks to the WONDERFUL and AWESOME @Haitch who Setup and configured the Pool for me with his AWESOME skillz

    This Pool is Run and hosted on it's own server that is no way tied to the other servers and has it's own resources and Processors dedicated to the Pool alone

    Here is the Stats on the Relaunched Pool

    Name : Http://Pool.BurstCoinMining.Com Port 80 or Http:// Port 80
    Owner : NJCFamily31907
    Base DL : 864000 ( all DL's 10 Days Or Less Accepted )
    Fees : 0% + 1 Burst
    Reward : 60 / 40
    Auto Payout : 100 Burst or 24hrs
    Penalty : no
    Code :
    Once again welcome to the newest pool in the BurstCoin Community

    Come Join us on our Discord Chat room channel