Mining pool is down or problems?

  • I noticed on who i've been mining with for months now that there's some strange numbers in the mining history rewards. Also I haven't been paid out in 2 days and I normally get paid 6 times per day. Does anyone know if this is a glitch? i'll add a screeen shot if i can. look at the historic shares

    thanks for any info. specifically i'm talking about the middle numbers followed by the Q in the example of: 2278D + 1805229982Q + 571619


  • its been having issues the last day or so .. i have noticed it lagging or just not online a few times

  • admin

    @seperatis The pool got some bad data in the DB after the restart earlier - and one lucky miner got mistakenly paid out 92,777 Burst - that left the pool with out the funds to pay out the deferred payments. If the miner that giot the payment and would like to send it back to the pool it would be appreciated - but if the funds don't get sent back, I'll make up the shortfall from my funds.

  • ouch....high price to pay for a glitch. i assume you have no way of contacting the miner who got the fat payout? outside of their burst address which probably doesn't help at all?

  • @haitch Here's another thought. In an effort to things back up as soon as possible maybe ask all the miners to chip in. me personally i'd throw a few hundred burst in, if it means getting things up and running again faster...
    and then whatever doesn't get donated make up via your own funds like you said.

  • admin

    @seperatis I've sent funds over to the pool - it'll be paying out soon.

  • @haitch I saw that, many thanks.