How my Burst Wallet grew ( from 20k to 230k )

  • basically, after selling my BurstOcean assets for 25 burst each, I had 20k burst, i'm like why not gamble?

    So I gambled. and won and won til I made it here 230k, I didn't win all at once but withdrew at small increments. ( 1000-2000 burst withdraws )

    Then I withdrawed when I had 100% of my bankroll and i worked my way up here, Don't know how it worked but I did it

    Thanks BurstCasino for making it happen 😉 😛

    Edit: just withdraw 30k more burst 260k 🙂 XD
    woot woot


  • Haha this is what is all about wins bring in more awareness, glad you won great success story here

  • @HiDevin Wow that's great ! Congratulations 🙂

  • @HiDevin has been an active player from Burst Casino since the release of it (and maybe before that, when it was BurstGames) and he always leave with a profit.

    You are welcome and I'm glad that you can make some increase on your Burst from the Casino, you are a great player and it's fun to talk with you on the chat 😃

    Happy Gambling! ^_^