Solo mining using burstcoin-jminer

  • Happy mining!

    I want try solo mining using burstcoin-jminer.
    It need input pass phrase to "passPhrase=" parameter in
    How to input pass phrase?

    1. plane text: passPhrase=word1 word2 word3...
    2. double quotation: passPhrase="word1 word2 word3..."
      3.separate comma: passPhrase=word1,word2,word3

    I tried No.1 but occur error.

    2016-12-09 23:10:13.616 WARN 9884 --- [ networkPool-1] b.j.c.n.task.NetworkSubmitSoloNonceTask : Error: Submit solo nonce not successful: {"result":"Passphrase does not match reward recipient","requestProcessingTime":0}

    Best regards.

  • First you need to set your reward assignment. This time you will use your address instead of the pools address. Don't forget to change it back when you pool mine.

  • admin

    @Hajime passPhrase only as plain text is ok, your account is still assigned to a pool ... you need to assign it back to yourself like @Burstde said.

  • Thank you guys.
    Now It is working. Thank you very much!