[ANN] Kohai's Gold Bar

  • Due to some people bugging me cough cough I've decided to launch the Asset, so without further ado, Welcome to Kohai's Gold Bar.

    First off, for those who haven't heard of the asset before, here's the feeler thread:


    and you can check the miner/s performance here


    There will be 2 payouts in the system, which are.

    1. Mining Payouts which will be divided as such:

    30% - Dividend Payouts (Zec will be converted into Burst for payouts)
    30% - Gold Fund (Zec will be converted to Burst and then stored)
    The 30% Gold fund will be divided into the following. 5% For incidentals (Wires melting, cards going poof, and so on) 3% goes to Crow's development fund and the rest, 22% goes into the actual Gold Fund. Upon liquidation, anything left in the "incidentals" fund will be included in the gold fund. So if nothing goes wrong, the actual gold fund is 27%
    40% - Maintenance and Electricity (Yes, it looks high, but trust me, mining Zec takes a lot of power)

    Mining payouts happen everytime we hit 1 Zec, which averages to 10 days of mining, so there's going to be on average, 3 payouts per month.

    1. Liquidation payout.
      When the value of our gold holdings + gold fund hits 150% of the original asset price.
      The gold bars will (hopefully) rise in value over time + the value of the gold fund. Once it reaches 150% of the original value, or 7.1 million burst. I’ll open the asset up for liquidation voting. If 51% of the asset holders vote to liquidate, I’ll sell the gold bars on the market, convert it to burst, and buy back all of the assets at 150% of the original price. OR if members vote to “let it ride” then we’ll continue to pay on dividends and adding on to the gold fund until members vote to liquidate.

    Once liquidation payouts happens, well, the asset gets liquidated.

    I had the initial idea of making it an all-or-nothing asset but to be fair to those who will purchase shares early, I've decided to have 2 phases.

    Phase One

    While there are still assets left, this will act as an Alt-Coin mining to Burst rig.
    40% of the Mined Altcoins will go to Maintenance
    60% will go to asset holders in the form of burst

    Phase Two

    Once the asset sells out, we will transition into the main asset idea, which is to use the funds to purchase gold and then go with the 40-30-30 splitting

    Here are the details.

    Asset Price: 100 Burst Per
    Number of Assets to be issued: 50,000
    Asset ID: 1623289459638909189
    Total Number of Assets Sold: 3,296
    Total Number of Assets Left: 44,204

    Pay-it-forward fund:
    Issued 1% (500 units) of the total asset value to https://faucet.burstcoin.info/
    Issued 1% (500 units) of the total asset value to http://faucet.burstcoin.pt/
    Issued 1% (500 units) of the total asset value to https://faucet.burst-team.us/


    Yay! I Exist! haha 🙂 Also am verified
    alt text

  • I put in a buy order already, while I wait for you to launch your shares 🙂

  • And the first buy is in! @Propagandalf I assume that's you? 😃

  • Updated main post with assets sold/left

  • @kohai I got some too with what I had working on getting more bursts over the next few days to buy some more!

  • More stuff for the bag lady! 😃 hehe

  • @kohai haha yes..we ladies love to load our bags lol..I have to do a video next week on Burst lol but need to dye my hair haha I look a wreck lmao..

  • Very good, will buy some asset. I am watching this asset.

  • Friend, about the maintenance fee, I think better if you deducted the maintenance fee first to get the nett profit, then you do splitting for you, asset holder and other funds.

  • The 40% maintenance fee is a product of experience with gpu mining. Over the past year, I use 35%-38% of my mining profits for electricity. I put in 40% to be safe.

    This just means that for every 100,000 burst, Ill set aside 40,000 for electricity and divide the rest into dividends

  • @kohai said in [ANN] Kohai's Gold Bar:

    And the first buy is in! @Propagandalf I assume that's you? 😃

    Sure was 🙂 Good luck with your asset, make us proud!

  • It has begun!


  • Bought 250 shares. Hoping for your sucess!

  • Thanks for all the support!

    Also, just donated 1% of the total assets value in support for our faucets.

    See thread here --->


    Still looking for 2 more faucet operators, msg me!

  • @kohai If you want you can support faucet.burstcoin.pt ....
    I was trying to use ads to support it but the revenue is just too low for that but either way, everytime i reach the threashold i dump the whole BTC on polo and send it to the faucet so like all the other faucet's no revenue is being made from it... I don't have enough revenue for supporting it and some users have been helping a lot with donations from time to time although with asset shares in that faucet account hopefully one day we don't need as many donations as we need it right now in order to support it! 😉

    Thanks anyway! Feel free to contact me if you want?!

  • Just a note, you are suggesting a format much different than what most other assets offer, so we should all be aware of that. 10% of liquidation price is 10% of everything , including the IPO. Most other assets offer a management fee of the profits. Just want you @kohai and everyone else to be aware of this important info.

  • @gpedro sending you a PM in a bit
    @nox Yep, that's the idea. Because remember, I'm not using any of the Burst raised to purchase mining power, my rigs is already up and running and mining coins (see mining link up there somewhere) the Burst raised is going to be used to purchase gold, which is going to be liquidated down the line along, so it goes both way basically. I'm sharing in the profits of the gold and nobody's paying really for using my mining rigs.

  • Sent 1% of the total number of assets to http://faucet.burstcoin.pt/
    🙂 Just paying it forward.

  • Sent 1% of the total number of assets to the Burst Team Faucet

  • What is the value of the mining operation by itself?