Call to Arms! A Burst Media Promotional Contest (695.5k+ burstcoin pot)

  • Hello everyone, After much thought on how to do this properly , and a discussion with @Crowetic , I’ve decided to give my all during my M2B downtime to release a Contest to YOU the burst community.

    I will be acting as a mediator, I will Answer any and ALL questions in this thread and we will keep everything regarding this contest in this Thread as not to clutter and create a nightmare for our forums mods 🙂

    @Crowetic will be holding onto the contest funds in a freshly made wallet here : BURST-GVJA-FQ6C-G8EL-4HHZX - BURST contest wallet

    @Crowetic -has put up 200k Burst-
    @M2b -has put up 200k Burst-
    @MikeMike -has put up 75k Burst-

    We will be using the Forums as our Contest platform and I will be pasting all needed information in this post. ( I will be editing often as we grow and details are panned out )
    Using a centralized place to stack our ideas will allow for others to come and browse and grow and help build on our ideas as a community feed off of each other and inspire camaraderie
    We will raise more funds and interest in the contest by allowing people to buy in Judge spots with donations (See Last chance For Donations section for more )
    We’re looking for talent ladies and gents,all forms of it
    In this contest, you will be creating Media to promote burst coin


    Yes you’ve read right all forms of media promotion will be accepted (eat your heart out memesters)
    You might ask but I can’t draw G .!? I'm not a hardcore memester like @socalguy , I don’t know how to graphic work , or even how would I be able to join in the contest. !?
    It’s very simple , just be creative add value to your coin @Nameless ‘s Franken-Potato Burster is a prime example of creativity and burst , what better way to promote a green coin than to have it mine with green wattage, pure genius something imaginative.

    Making Ui's for faucets webpages poems everything counts! I can’t think of a single thing you can’t use to promote burst with.

    Examples of Creativity

    -Creation of Paper Wallets with design ----- Give out Christmas Paper Wallets!
    -Memes ----- OMG meme’s tons and tons of memes!
    -Cooking With The burst integrated into food ------ check out my Burstin’ Pizza Pi ( i made for @njcfam :3 )
    -Writing Promotional Articles and spreading the word - stories with burst
    -Music "The Plot Song" hehe - burst haiku’s - Commercials - Banner’s Forum Siggy’s

    All super simple examples I am throwing out there I'm sure you guys have tons more!!

    Your talent ,your skillset , your coin( i don’t think I can think of a single thing that isn’t or can’t be entered in this contest, motivate you)

    Time to work for our Coin!

    Simply Post your content with your links to anything you’d like to show us. The forum uses BB markdown and has really nice simple commands to post nicely within your post like so BURST PI (, and you will be automatically entered (Although I'm pretty sure I won this contest with that pizza I will not be entering as I am launching this contest it would be unfair to others, i mean look at that yum yum.! LOL Please feel free to use the picture 🙂 if ever you find yourself in Montreal some day hit me up ill make you one on the spot! First Brick and Motor to accept Burstcoins! )


    • Post your media here in this thread - Please refrain from posting outside links we want everyone to see what you made !! Feel Free to post your portfolio’s and advertise yourselves get the word out

    • Post your Social media links and get the word out to score extra points with our judges!

    • Keep your entries about burst as much as possible (Hopefully I don’t need to tell anyone but keep the Creativity clean , no swears or suggestive content we are an Everybody coin)

    • No bashing on one's entry (everybody contributes in a different way)

    • You can Post and re-enter DIFFERENT content - but you will only be Awarded for ONE winning spot reward and no more.

    We ( The Burst Community reserve the right to use free content entered in this contest to help promote burst in any way)
    Feel Free to watermark your projects! Remember to be reasonable as we can’t judge what we can’t see. Others will be looking at you and our projects. The limelight is your time to shine Bright like a diamond!

    We will be launching the start of the contest Tuesday, December 12th and will be taking in all entries till the 27th of December . Since it’s the holidays I assume you guys can use this as inspiration to get the creative juices going.

    We will be Show Casing the Works and promoting the media provided and announcing all winners and paying them their prizes the 30th of December 2016, and think this is a fantastic way to start off the new year!

    Last chance For Donations
    Once Tuesday hits your chance To donate to the contest fund is over!. (your names will be added to the wall of fame) BURST-GVJA-FQ6C-G8EL-4HHZX - BURST contest wallet address donate here!!
    The 3 Biggest donator addresses at the close of the donation period (Monday December 11th - 11:59pm est -5gmt) will be asked to join @Crowetic and a select few trusted others (I'm Thinking @administrators x3) For a panel of 7 total Judges to rate the media provided. Using a Simple point system we will tally the votes and award prizes accordingly. Judges will also be given 23.75% of the donation funds to tip out or entries as consolation prizes
    (@administrators if you would like to be a panal judge please pm me)

    All funds must be in the Burst Contest wallet (BURST-GVJA-FQ6C-G8EL-4HHZX)by this time --Monday December 11th - 11:59pm est -5gmt
    (prizes are subject to change these numbers will grow as donations come in)

    SUM :685.5k BURSTCOINS are waiting in the contest pot do you have the creativity to take this on!?!

    • 25% of the pot is given to FIRST PLACE -

    • 18.75% of the pot is given to Second Place

    • 25% of the pot is split to Third & Fourth Place (12.5% each):

    • 7.5% of the pot is given to Fifth Place

    For a Grand Total of 76.25% in contest winnings -
    We will be giving the judges the rest of the 23.75% as consolation prizes to allocate equally as they see fit.
    (prizes or subject to grow but never lessen as the donations come in!) - GOOD LUCK!

    It’s Decently late if there’s anything I might have forgotten please , it would be my pleasure to answer add or edit on my part Thank you -G

  • Reserved for - Judges and wall of fame (donators)

    A HUGE THANK YOU , to all who are donating.!

    So far it seem like the first 3 bids, to be pannel judges are in!
    Can YOU beat their price and become a judge yourself ?!

    BURST-QJPB-7464-5E5B-5NFHJ -------- 10,000. Burst -- Unidentified
    BURST-GVJA-FQ6C-G8EL-4xxxx ------- 10,000 Burst -- @Propagandalf
    BURST-9H34-LA3H-X3KM-Fxxxx ------ 200,000 Burst -- @NAMELESS

    I'd like to nominate any of the @administrators to join in and be pannel judges adding an extra level of trust , and i mean let's face it they do so much for us let them have some fun , if you're interested drop me a pm or post here it would be my pleasure

    Updated : 11pm Tuesday est -5 Gmt

  • @dagentlemang OMG THIS IS Awesome!..Count me in..I am bursting with joy!

  • @dagentlemang Like i said in the Discord... Awesome idea?!

  • Thank You thank you , i was sitting around waiting for the M2b devs to give me something when i said why not give something back! this is what i cam up with along with a few other things but that's later :p

  • @dagentlemang , Great!!!!!!

    I like your pizza by the way... hahaha.

  • You guys have Two Weeks to Create Good luck!

  • @dagentlemang Fantastic idea !! Count me in ! 😃

  • I'm always in 😃

  • I came back just in time. This should be fun. 🙂

    0_1481382257242_Burstcoin meme.jpg 0_1481382892066_Burstcoin meme climate change.jpg 0_1481383168810_burst meme plot.jpg

  • @socalguy the second image says Bitcoin 😛
    Nice ones btw! 😃

  • @Zeus it's a condescending meme 🙂

  • Okay, I am in! Sounds like fun.

  • Quick Update : There's been one Entry added so far and 2 Donations were given seems like we have our 2 first bids for Panel Judges! keep up the good work Remember you only have till Monday 11:59 pm est -5 GMT to donate - after that your donation will not count as a bid towards panel judging

  • holy shit @dagentlemang ! i go away for a day or 2 and i come back to this? This is brilliant!


  • @nameless so does that mean you'll be donating or participating ?! 😉 ❤

  • @dagentlemang , i'll be donating in a day or 2. need to free up some btc first to buy BURST

    EDITS: damn... the donating deadline is tomorrow... oh well, better step on it 🙂 , i'll do my best to provide asap

    NEW EDIT: i will send over 200k BURST from the FAD fund. I will just replace the counter-vallue in straight USD in the forex account when the markets open.

    NEWEST EDIT: done 🙂

  • @nameless so you turn around and donate 200k burst and made this into a real frenzy @Everyone i hope you all putting the biggest amount of effort into creating and show casing your talents to us in the form of burst we're very much appoarching the 1million burst mark!

    Creative sharing and a burstfull of ideas

  • @dagentlemang I got guests today so I need to cook and clean but then I will get going tomorrow with this..

  • Happy Bursting guys.....

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