BTFG Pool up and running!

  • Quick Info
    Reward Recipient: BURST-6YBP-TDPA-27KD-9MQVX
    Fees: 0.5% Pool Fees + 0.25% dev donation fees, TX fees 0.05% (min 1 Burst)

    What is BTFG?
    BFTG originally stood for Bitcoin Traders Faucet Game, a company listed with shares purchasable at BTCPOP. I had created modified versions of open sourced games that allowed players to earn satoshi while playing games, instead of just putting information into a faucet. This group has grown to include mining. The lastest addition is Burstcoin mining, which I see as being the clearer future for cryptocurrency.

    So what about the pool?
    I have set up a burstcoin pool using @Lexicon coding. To entice miners to use my pool (which will also earn funds for the developer to continue the work), I have a total of 0.75% mining pool fees, which a third of that goes back to the developer. That being said, the coding is still in development by @Lexicon, and I will constantly update to the latest version. I will report here expected downtimes, if any, though the downtimes will mostly be only 5 minutes max.

    Sounds good. Whats your info?
    All the info you need is at top 🙂

    Enjoy! I will answer any and all questions

  • hi buddy,

    thanks for using my code its much appreciated however there's a few things i need you to do..
    because you have gone on my site and downloaded my html files for my interface you also have your site set to my google analytics page. meaning im getting hits from your site. if you could change this or set up your own. the code is near the bottom of index.html and has my reference 'UA-66601148-5'

    also i need to you remove the global chat. that feature isnt mine its Tross's and he pays for the service and will get his site banned if too many people start using it. he shared this chat with me cause we were working like a team, and i started this to remove the nightmares he was having. and he wasnt planning for everyone to start using it.

    other than that its great news that this is happening and fur-fer diversify's our network 🙂

  • I did not realize the chat was not part of an upcoming build. I will remove the chat and replace it with my own then. Also i am certain I had removed the google coding! Ill double check that!

  • Done and done! Thanks for letting me know about that!

  • its cool buddy 🙂 im interested to see how yours is going to look. people love to customize them with different themes which is what makes these pools so interesting.

  • @Lexicon

    Unfortunatly the default one was a bit.. busy, though didnt mind some of the colors. Btw, where can I go to customize WHAT is shown in the console? At the moment its basically showing everything

  • these 2 lines in burst-pool.js output whats below its anything else let me know what its showing and ill point out where it outputs it.

        nonce: 400819656,
        from: "",
        accountId: "5367073916905873074",
        deadline: 2803785,
        submission: "success"

    it might be easier to do this over discord.

  • It's not a lot, but I'm mining with my measly 0.5tbs on your pool. Best of luck 🙂

  • Best of luck to you too! thanks for the support!

  • Pool is down while I trouble shoot an error. Thanks for the patience

  • Everything is running again. Thanks for the patience

  • hi buddy you are using my google analytics code again. could you please remove it lol its messing up my statistics


  • @Valareos just noticed its not in the html. but its in the index.js you downloaded from my website instead.

  • 3 days mining without payment ...