Mining Investment

  • Hello everybody

    I would like to know if you think it is a good thing to investing in 2017 in mining equipment ?

    Thank you for giving me your differents opinions

  • It is still profitable, what matter is electricity cost in your country.

    What country you live in? What is the electricity cost there?

  • I'm a big believer in cost per TB and getting that as low as possible. Any hard ware that you need to buy would get diversified to your personal cost per TB. Personal opinion bang for the buck is a 3GB 1060 video card, GPU plot and mine and then look for a motherboard that you can connect multiple SAS cards too. That way you can connect as many drives via SATA cable on the one computer. USB 3.0 isn't bad, but you waste ALOT of power with external hard drives and it will eventually bottle neck.

    Everyone has their own theory on hardware though so just research and keep costs down if you want to ROI. For just pure drives once you have the rest in place feel free to check out my signature, likely cheapest you will get depending on shipping to you.

    Good luck and happy mining.

  • @bandarfjb Hi bandarfjb, thanks for your reponse, i live in France, and the cost is at electricity for 1 KW/h is between 0.14 and 0.16 euros. My question was for the mining of burst ! How many To have you got ?

  • @superskid Thanks superskid for your answer.My but is to depass 10 HDD on my computeur but a have just 6 SATA port on this one.

    The protocol that i sould use is SAS ?

    Do you this that it is interresing to invest for mining of burst ?

    For the cost of To i have paid my WD Digital 4Go just 130 euros or 35 euos for each To.

    A other question it is not possible to do NAS ?

    Thanks in avnce soon

  • @Neo38 Dedicated NAS units are expensive. I use my home server for mining and as my home NAS, but it uses ubuntu as the OS and a 64bit intel chip (most (all?) commercial NAS units use an ARM chip which isn't suitable for mining)

    I have 7 internal drives and 5 external drives and it pulls 100W from the wall, so 2.4kWh per day at a cost of 19c (AUD) per kWh

    The way I see it, my NAS is on anyway, so BURST mining is just a way of offsetting the cost of having the NAS turned on anyway. As my media storage fills up, I clear a BURST drive out and essentially get ROI that way.

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  • I find seagate's 8TB archive drive the best value for money. Plot to one drive, optimize to the next, and format the first drive before replotting in it again.

    Grab the external drives and shuck the drive to save an additional $20.