Seeking a Tester for Upcoming Mining Service

  • I need someone willing to be a 2 month tester for a service I am thinking of offering to the burstcoin community.

    The tester will be given a 10 TB space and ftp access. . The tester will need to plot and upload those plots to the server. Using a program similar to Netdrive, the tester will locally mount the FTP drive, and mine from that drive, one month at, and one month at a pool of their choice (this may realistically require the tester to make a burst address solely for this testing). Tester needs to have at least 10 TB of mining they currently doing to compare.

    I am seeking information on the Comparison of the ftp drive vs a local drive earning in a month, and comparing ftp earnings at my pool vs a different pool

    Tester can keep any burstcoin earned, and if service goes forward, will keep that 10 TB space with no payment. If interested, respond to this post with information on what you currently do with Burstcoin.

  • @Valareos I would be interested but have a problem that a lot of people may have? I can only upload at 2MB/s so a TB takes about a Week, 10TB would be 10 Weeks. Even someone with 10MB/s will take 2 Weeks to make the upload, just wondered if you had considered this?


  • @RichBC I am experimenting with that at the moment as well. Seems that plot files are really good at compression. Once i get the first file compressed Ill post here what i used and compression ratio

  • admin

    @Valareos Plot files are uncompressible - the data in the files has no duplication. If you're getting compressed plot files, they're bad.

  • @haitch Good to know, Ill continue this test though to see what happens since its half way done 🙂 file im using is a known good plot.

    no harm in trying, but yea, if there is no duplication file cant be compressed.

  • admin

    @Valareos I tried it as well - 0% compression. Which makes sense given the nature of the data.

  • @Valareos I have tried as well, in fact the compressed file was larger....

  • @Valareos I'd be happy to test! I got plenty of (unused) bandwidth and not really anything more to plot!
    although I dont have any 10TB miner/account left to compare with! but most important would be if I can read those 10TB in under 1Min while also getting confirmations for my dl's. For uploading I'd use "GoodSync"! ftp or whatever..
    Is the storage hosted by you?