Im new and don't really know what pool to choose

  • Hi, I wanted to try Burst coin mining and I plotted an external hard drive (650gb) to try and test it out.
    When I click on start mining i get a few options: Default, AVX or OpenCL. I choose default, what do the other two option mean?

    After that I randomly choose Is there a specific pool that is 'the best' or does it come down to personal preference or does each pool had it's own ups and down?

    When I start mining I get the following error: You need to change reward assignment and wait 4 blocks.
    When I go and change my reward assignment I get this error: {"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}

    Can anyone help me out?


  • @gurbaj
    AVX I don't know the OpenCL is for GPU mining, default is more than good!
    The pool you chose is ok to start, it doesn't have a deadline limits and the fess are just 0.5% of your mining results.

    The reward assignment you should go here
    In the last 2 places you should put your passphrase (the one to login at your wallet) and the pool address (you can find it at the pool webiste in the top left red rectangle)

  • Thanks for the quick reply, but when I try to submit my rewardassignment I get this
    {"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}

    Like you see it says Unknown account, while I know it's not the wrong account since have used it multiple times to login with..

  • @gurbaj Did you put your own burst adderess or the pool one?
    Be careful to put the pool address and not your own

  • admin

    @gurbaj Default will work on any system, AVX requires a recent CPU that supports those CPU operations, OpenCL utilizes your GPU which is often faster than the CPU - but requires additional configuration.

    As for pool - .eu is a good place to start - stay away from, and - they require shorter deadlines than you'll be able to generate.

  • Yes I've put in the pool's address and still got that error. After that I did some research and found out this link wich worked for me

    When I tried to start mining I again got this error 'You need to change reward assignment and wait 4 blocks' which went away after 5 blocks and now I think I works but Im not sure?

    It now looks like this:
    alt text

  • @gurbaj It is working!
    Now get relaxed and wait untill tomorrow and you will receive your first mined coins

  • Nice
    Thanks for the help!

  • @gurbaj
    You are welcome
    enjoy BURST!