different baseTargets on http://util.burst-team.us:8888/

  • Hi guys,

    unsure if anyone can assist here but @haitch brought to my attention that my pool has a different baseTarget to everyone elses.


    was wondering if anyone knew why this is.
    and if there are any downsides to this if any

    edit: even though my pools baseTarget is different im still winning blocks below is a screenshot of the one i won. on the left is someone elses pool terminal screenshot and the right is mine


    below is what the block explorer says


    so even though my baseTarget is different my pool is still winning blocks. 😕

  • @Lexicon still winning because unsigned 8 byte int / baseTarget = deadline, so the difference is going to be only slightly lower deadline. forgive my ignorance of the util.burst-team methods, but i assume it is pulling the baseTarget from your pool and not you wallet, so my question is the wallet is providing that baseTarget in miningInfo or just your pool?

  • @damncourier if i run the getMiningInfo API call on my pool wallet it shows me the exact same baseTarget as what my pool returns from the same query which is different from everyone elses so no its not the pool lol.

    im acutally quite bafflled on whats caused it. i was running on 1.2.6 and when i was running on that my basetarget was 1 digit higher than everyone elses. i then upgraded the wallet to 1.2.7 and it went about 15 higher than everyone elsess.

    plus Tross pool uses near identical code to the one i wrote. i went through the entire pool source looking to see if its something in there but all that i could find is my pool gets this info from its wallet

    really bizarre

  • @Lexicon yeah looking at your pool code, there isn't anything there except storing the data in memory and providing to the miners. figured i would confirm the assumption with you before going crazy looking at all the wallet code. i had forgot about tross running the same code. now you mention it i remember seeing the one number off before.

    considering this in my mind, the gensig and block height hash to get the scoop number, the gensig and scoop data hash to an unsigned 8 byte int which is divided by the baseTarget for the deadline. the difference you have is small, and the smaller the deadline smaller the difference. but it seems like you will be gaining time on the network.

    idk about the previous version (haven't looked closely at the commit https://github.com/burst-team/burstcoin/commit/1c59670890ec0e96607d921aac545dd222b86885) but the difference seems like it will increase given blocks (unless i am reading this wrong): https://github.com/burst-team/burstcoin/blob/master/src/java/nxt/BlockImpl.java#L574

    in a bit over my head and sure there is some one more qualified to answer, but corruption some where in your wallet's version of the blockchain?

  • pool.burstoin.de does the same. We are unique and can find blocks when it is a revolving base target. My pool is down just a couple more days please be patient.