Novice questions: Etherium and Burst Coin Mining Togethere!

  • I am pritty much new in coin mining field, but been mining Burstcoin using 6TB hard drive since couple of days.

    Q1: does the burstcoin mining performance reduced if we mine Etherium and burst togethere? I am asking it because few days before i just started mining Etherium using same computer. My earning is dropping day by day! (check attached file)

    Q2: What does "confirmed DL" means? Is that a share for me?

    Thank you in advance!

    0_1481993723334_What is it..JPG

  • @ramzrana nah its all about luck, mostly the pool probably forged a lot of blocks mining ETH doesn't affect performance unless u are using the gpu miner for Burst,

    Confirmed DL is like a share, you could say. 🙂

  • confirmed deadline is your submit to forge the block thats how long it will take you, each round the person with the fastest deadline win's and forges the block.. you get burst if thats your deadline or if the person that wins is on your pool. like @HiDevin said ETH will not effect burst mining , at most it could slow your scan times down if using GPU to mine burst.