What is AVX2 and Stagger

  • What does -x 2 ( AVX2 ) do exactly? I know it cuts the plotting time by half, but is there any down side to that, like when mining? And I believe that your stagger should divide equally to your nonces, right? What is the stagger? And why is it better having a bigger stagger? And why should the stagger divide equally to your nonces?

  • admin

    @Tate-A AVX (advanced vector extensions) are additional cpu commands in recent processors that more efficiently perform some math operations. They make plotting & mining faster.

    When plotting the plotter writes "stagger" number of nonces at a time, so total nonces needs to be a multiple of stagger.

    Stagger is how the nonces are organized - the higher the stagger, the more optimized the plot is, and the faster it will be mined.