Wii U - 1936 games to choose from Games 1k / DIY 5k - 5.5.0 / 5.5.1 firmware :D

  • Hello, I have this on lock down as i've been doing it for awhile and with Wii U's Discontinuation of the U to move on to next project i am extremely confident in my Tech and how this method works with NO BRICK, hardware changes , or even software installs onto the Wii U

    I am presenting you all with a method that been working for me for over a year now , with no fails , no bricks no problems these are games are 100% payable online and full.

    All you will need:

    • An Sd Card - ( Games are typically - 3 -- 10 gigs ) (you will also need a way to xfer files from pc to sd )
    • An Apt to follow instructions which are 99% fool proof and easy to follow - Once you've learn the install method it comes naturally


    • Mass storage Device to keep your games on (wii's hdd is way too small to keep lots of games on hand )

    What im selling and the Deal : 100% full Wii U games

    1k burst per game (choice of 1936 games) - I'll be uploading the game via google drive ready for you to download to the root of your sd and follow through with installation details.

    I have 90% of these games https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wii_U_software

    For 5k burst i will set you up so you can do all of this yourself without having having to go through me as a middle man ( this includes all Virtual console and Roms for the Nes Snes and Gba )

    For Extra Precaution - I can Also show you how to disable your auto updates to Nintendo and change DNS - Free of Charge

    (Editted: Prices and Wording)

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