Which is the best asset to invest in?

  • I want to know which is, in your opinion, the best Burst asset.

  • Lots of assets around I will list some that I'm holding or will suggest. Payout = dividend.

    NEWS one of the safest assets, longest running and heavily invested asset by the community, good weekly payout. Payout is based on multiple sources.

    BurstOcean popular asset for mining burstcoin and other coins that will be used to buy burst, good and timely payout every week. Medium to low risk.

    ccminer really popular mining asset that mine burstcoins only, payout will depend on how many blocks it hit that day, payout is daily. Medium to low risk.

    MCM not popular, mines other coins to buy burstcoins for weekly payout. Good payout weekly and on time. Medium risk.

    ADSactly cryptocurrency investment/holding asset buy low sell high. Popular, and good payout but very random and untimely on when it will pay. Low risk asset backed by a bunch of people but can be medium risk to high risk depending on how well the market is doing.

    FAD an asset that supports the dev, half payout goes to devs and the other half to investors. Low risk but somewhat random on the payout.

    There are some really safe and good assets that are run by the devs, but I don't know much about them.

    Final tip always do your own research before buying assets. Watch out for ponzi and scam assets. Don't EVER buy assets from new accts that are made within a week without researching that person. Trust your instinct and pay attention to the forum from time to time.

    Look here https://forums.burst-team.us/category/6/asset-exchange

  • Thanks 🙂