GPU Plotting Advise

  • So after a long time away am finally back and looking to start out on Burst once again. I seen a lot of changes and improvements over the time I been away. But I have a few questions.

    1 For GPU plotting is their a way to use 2 devices at ones to speed up process as like using 2x gpu. If so how can this be done? DO I need to add another line in devices to add in 2nd gpu?

    Would my device text need to be like this
    0 0 1024 256 4096
    0 1 1024 256 4096
    And so on for adding more gpu?

    For plotting what do I need to add in command in order for me to use both devices would gpuPlotGenerator.exe generate buffer and then rest for address etc be fine or do I need to change this.

    For plotting 1Tb at a time is fricking insane time of 8+ hours. Hoping someone can solve this for me in order to use both gpu or both gpu and cpu

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    @CrazyEarner Yes, in devices.txt just list all the devices you want to use.

    Bare in mind that a single GPU can plot faster than a single drive can write - if using multiple devices you'll be wanting to write to more than one drive at a time.

  • SO better to just plot one thing at a time then and do my rip waiting on times. Gonna take some doing plotting 100+TH in stages got all equipment up running and going to be adding in hard drives to each miner and mine burst. How much stress would 4 to 5 HDD mining on burst have on a system. Does it use much resources for mining or next to none?

  • @CrazyEarner Very little stress. I used to mine and Plot with a 6 Core 12 Threads and maxed my threads for Plotting. Worked perfectly. You just have an error that may pop up if you are plotting and restart your mining with the AIO wallet since you can't specify to leave out the plotting drive.

  • @CryptoNick Yeah I see what you mean. Just got back into the swing of burst. Got into it when first released and have a fair stock of burstcoin from then and held some traded sold and then some. Now I am in process of hyper linking gpu farm to hybrid with gpus and hdds for burst. A farm running with 8 to 16+ hdd to each system.

    Can plotting be done on one system then the drives taken out and put into the farm? Like plot takeout one system plug into farm.
    Also is RAID Aarry working on this. When I was last around and just getting into Burst seen it wasn't working or to my understanding lots of bugs and problems with it. Has this changed since things been updated and progress made.

    Would like to have something like this in RAID format
    alt text

    If not then what would be a good option. I am also looking at raspberry Pi options and having a dev board to get hard drives working with Pi and some type of conversion to USB to hdd and using hub.

  • @CrazyEarner Yes you can Plot and place that drive into another system. You just have to make sure the drive letters don't overlap and correspond to their first number of the plot. You would just replicate drives per system so it would build up the drives the same each time. I had problems initially since I renamed from 2 different systems as I had Overlaps. This is not good, you can't rename the plots, you might be able to rename the reward number but nothing else. I had all kinds of errors and bad deadlines and had to replot everything.

    I use RAID and works perfectly. I have 2x20TB RAID0 even though I was told this is not Optimal. I get a slight edge over the competition for some reason. I don't have JMiner yet either and my reads are 80 seconds. I plotted direct or optimized one and it only gained a few seconds. But that might also be the fact that I made that volume an EXFAT. I was hoping to break the 16TB Barrier and realized that Windows still has to do its thing. So I write up to 16TB and then place another plot to reach my full 20TB on each RAID.

    I could use RAID-5 and lose some space to have integrity, but I bought the NAS drives and figure I will change it up later if I get a failed drive.

    The only thing a RAID will do under JBOD is just house the drives nice and neat in a case, but it looks like you already have that taken care of.

  • @CryptoNick is not my case am building up stuff currently and seeing theirs only 25% un mined too am like da fk did 2 years of burst go lol. Guess still time to make a fair share maybe if am going to go and progress would it b still worth while jumping in with 100+ TB

  • @CrazyEarner I have 60TB total since I run some system drives too. I think it is worth it, I was getting $10 a day only a few months back and now about $3-$5 sometimes depending on the pools. I used to hit 4 blocks a day and now I get about 1 block a day and 300 in shares every 3 hours avg.

  • @CryptoNick Not bad I guess been as tho hardly much power used to run HDDs Shame I didnt continue with it back in 2014 for longer than I did should of just kept at it really would been in rich list by now n probs had maybe close to a PH in hdd farm but meh still part of mining I guess lol. On ward and forward Wonder when then next PoC coin will come along and survive like burst 🙂