Mining 101

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    Welcome to the Mining 101 mega thread. Here you can find everything your heart desires about mining.


    In no apparent order. Feel free to answer the ones you like.

    • How does mining work? (Technical)
    • Error: Reward assignment does not match
    • Pool vs Solo

    I will be giving a bounty of 10000 2500 Burst to each fully answered question or any missing guide, while the bounty address still contains Burst. Contact me to claim it.
    Bounty address: BURST-ZKFG-W7R3-J8YH-5BSDX

  • How do I start mining?
    First you need to create a pair of plots. They are providing you with "lottery tickets (deadlines)". The bigger the plots the more tickets. I won't go in depth about plots here, because we have a Plots 101 thread, which has much more information.

    You can now chose 2 different roads, either solo or pool mining. Depending on your sizes and preferences you might prefer one over the other. Read more about advantages and disadvantages of Pool vs Solo [here(Not yet created).

    Now you need to collect your ticket for each "Lottery (Round)". To help you with this, you need a miner, they are reading the nonces of your plots and submitting the deadlines to the network or your pool.

    That is the basic. If you have done these things, you would now be mining on the Burst network. More detailed instructions can be found here. (Right below this one)

  • Where do I find guides?
    Guides are collected in our HowTo's & Tutorials. If you don't want to search for them. Here is a small overview.
    AIO, Wallet, Plotter, Miner. Video guide

    By @Burst Team
    AIO, Wallet, Plotter, Miner. Text guide By @haitch
    (May be outdated) Wallet, Plotter, Miner. Text heavy. By @crowetic
    Mac OS X (Soon MacOS)
    Wallet, Plotter and Mining. Text guide By @robert
    Wallet, Miner. Picture guide. By @FrilledShark
    Plotter, Miner. Text guide. By @TetraHect0rCannabinol
    Plotter. Text guide. By @daWallet
    Plotter, Miner. Text guide By @daWallet

  • Can I improve how much I earn?
    Your main mining power is your plots, they are the ones producing deadlines for you. Bigger the plots equals lower the deadlines, and lower deadlines equals more blocks mined by you. There is no other way to get lower deadlines, then simply having bigger plots! There are other ways to improve what you earn, one of them is stealing block from slow miners:
    Example: If you found a 30 seconds deadline after 7 seconds, you would be able to beat someone needing 35 seconds to find a 5 second deadline
    Other then that, there isn't a lot you can do to improve your earning, so don't expect something crazy.
    Below is a list over things people have suggested. Lets see if they hold water.

    Optimizing your plots
    By optimizing your plots you reduce the time it takes to send your deadlines to the network, which could give a few extra blocks. You can find more information about optimizing here.
    Yes, optimizing your plots helps to reduce your reading time, achieving the goal of stealing blocks from slow miners. Just remember, optimizing a SSD doesn't reduce the read time by a lot.

    Use SSD(or SSHD) over HDD
    As you can read here, SSD doesn't have any big advantages over HDD, it might actually be the opposed, because you can get more for your money if you are going with HDD.
    No, get as much space you can get for your money. If you can get SSDs at the same price pr GB as HDDs, they would be preferred.

    Mining with X miner
    This might improve your reading time, but isn't a big deal most of the times. Like POW, if the miner is using the GPU instead of the CPU you will be able to read the plots faster.
    Maybe, if you are able to use a miner compatible with your GPU use it over the CPU miner.

    Using multiple GPUs to mine with
    Same answer as above, but most of the times your HDD would be the bottleneck instead of the GPU.
    Almost no, but it will only help if you are using a SSD or something faster.

    Reading your plots with 2 miners at the same time
    This will give you more deadlines, but the deadlines would be the exact same ones. This would also reduce your reading time, which could reduce your income even further.
    No, looking twice at the same lottery ticket doesn't improve your chances of winning.

    Using X pool over another
    There might be some truth behind this one. Some pools prefer low deadlines over high deadlines by a lot, while other pools are more neutral. An example could be vs only allows very low deadlines, while is allowing miners with higher deadlines to get a little Burst. This way big miners would want to join, because less money goes towards paying small miners who are hardly find any blocks, while smaller miners goes to to get paid for all their deadlines. There is also the thing about pools taking a fee out of your earnings.
    Yes, find the pool which fits you and has the lowest fee. Read more about pools here.

  • Can I mine while I plot?
    Yes. While not being fully effective, because you are missing out on every nonce not plotted yet, you are still able to do it.
    You might experience some errors depending on your miner, which looks something along the lines of: file (file name) name/size mismatch. You can ignore it, as it will disappear when your plotter is done.

  • Why so I have 0 Burst after mining?
    First, you need to find out if you are really mining. If you are mining solo, you need to check the miner's GUI and see if you are getting any deadlines. If you are mining at a pool you can just search for your name among the other pool members or just check the miner's GUI to see if you get any deadlines.
    Now you know if you are mining or not, incase you are and still hasn't get Bursts, you need to keep in mind that:
    If you are solo mining you need to have patience. You won't be finding blocks often, without having a lot of big plots.
    If you are mining via a pool you need to wait either ~24 hours, depending on the pool, or you need to reach the pools payout threshold, which is around 300 Burst. Read more about the pools payout threshold and auto payout here.

  • Best storage media (HDD vs SSD)
    If you want to mine Burst, your first priority should be disk space. Speed is your second priority. Therefore you would want to get as much disk space as possible while not sacrificing on speed. This is what makes HDD your best option, it offers the best ratio between price and capacity, while still running at a reasonable speed. SSD is the second best option, but HDD beats it by a lot. By getting SSD, you are limiting the disk space you can get pr. dollar and a SSD has a relatively low disk capacity. (as of writing, SSD = ~2TB and HDD = ~8TB). After SSD you have all your performance options, like M.2 and RAM disk. The story is essentially the same as SSD, they are too expensive to mine with. (RAM disk even worse, but I won't go into depth with that.)
    TL:DR: Get as much disk space as possible for your money, if you can find a SSD at the same price of a HDD, go for it.

    SSHD, is a no go. The SSHD's main advantage is its smart cache, but as @luxe said, the "Cache will not help on mining. A Plotfile contains 4096 scoops, only one scoop is read for mining per block. But it is always another scoop. So data in cache can not be used for next block.", they cost more and adds another point of failure, reducing its lifetime.

  • WIP
    What is a deadline?
    A deadline is the estimated time (in seconds), before you will forge the next block. A lower deadlines means it will take you less time to forge a block. This means, if you manage to mine a deadline of 1800, you will forge the next block in 30 minutes.

    Keep in mind; The deadline is disclosed in second and they have counted since the beginning of the round, not when you mine the deadline. You are able to mine a 30(s) deadline 1 minute into a round, which obviously makes you win the round immediately.

    WIP, will get improved after the technical post about mining has been made

  • Error: No deadline found
    It is a very simple problem, and most of the times you haven’t done anything wrong, because you could just be unlucky or you have allocated too little space to Burst.
    In simple terms, it occurs when your miner isn’t able to find any deadlines below the pools threshold. To solve this, you can either allocate more space to Burst (by creating more plots) or find a pool with a wider threshold. Most of the times there is no reason to solve it and you are better off ignoring it.

    Note: This only occurs when you are mining with a pool. You will never meet it if you are mining solo.

  • What is reward assignment?
    Reward assignment pretty much means what is says. It assigns your forged blocks to another account. You will still get the credit for mining the block, but the reward and the transaction fees will be assigned to the account your reward assignment points to.
    It is used by all pools created after Dev Pool v1.

  • What is the best mining pool?
    There isn't a one size fits all. You need to see what their fee is and what their recommend size is.

    Here is an overview over all pools.

    If you want to add your own pool, you an contact me,, @FrilledShark or @Blago to give you access to the spreadsheet.

  • Can I mine with 2 computers on the same account?
    If you are solo mining you don't need to worry abut anything.
    If you are mining with a pool, you need to choose a pool with no penalty. Because you are submitting multiple bad deadlines, you are going to get hit by the penalty a few times each round. You can check the different pools in the overview.
    An alternative approach would be mining with 2 different accounts. They are going to appear as 2 different persons, so you don't have to worry about anything.

  • How much do I earn?
    There is no good way to calculate what you are going to earn today or tomorrow. Most of it is luck. You can go months without finding any blocks and suddenly you find 10 blocks in a single week. Everybody has good and bad days and there is no way to predict them.
    To get an estimate of how much you earn you can go to: To use it you simply input your mining capacity. You don't need to change any of the other numbers. They are calculated from the last block. You are able to change them to see how you are going to perform in the future.
    Coins Per Block: The currently reward for winning a block. It will never go up, but only go down with a rate of 5% each month.
    Base Target: How hard it is to mine. It will change to according to the current network capacity, keeping the average block time to 4 minutes.