Question about plot partitions

  • Hello,

    Suppose I have 2 TB diskspace available to plot.
    Does it make any difference if I would plot this in approx. 4 chunks of 500 GB or 1 big plotfile of 2 TB afterwards for mining burstcoin?

    I tend to do this in 4 chunks since the plotting process takes a lot of time.

    Thanks for your input.

  • @SvenE, I plot my drives in 200 GB files, it is a balance between having to wait forever to finish a huge plot and having a ton of small files. After each "small" file is finished you can add it to your mining as opposed to waiting for one big file to finish. No difference in reward using one or many files.

  • @rds, I was also supposing something like that but great it is confirmed. Thanks for your help!