Burst Stickers - Feeler Thread

  • Hey all, I had the idea to create Burst stickers and sell them on the marketplace as a way to get Burst some more exposure in the real world. The intent would be to stick them on our car windows, in our houses, or other random places to get people exposed to and interested in Burst, or just crypto currencies in general. And it is a small world, so there may even be members of the community travelling right past each other without knowing it, so it may be a way to meet other Bursters out in the wild. Also, it would help give Burst utility value by providing a tangible item you can purchase with it, even if it’s not something big. I feel like people are always saying that Burst needs more exposure, so here's a real cheap and easy way to get it that exposure!

    This is just a "feeler" thread to see if this is actually something people would be interested in purchasing and how many it would be feasible to get.

    Pricing would be cost + 10% + shipping. I'm located in the US, so shipping for up to however many stickers I could fit into an envelope and keep in under 1 oz would be $.47 in the US and $1.15 for international.
    I'm going off of this site;

    The plan was to get 3x3 vinyl stickers. The estimated breakdown is as follows for different amounts;


    The 10% premium is so that I get at least a bit of compensation for the time spent packing things up to ship and making trips to the post office.
    As you can obviously tell, there is a huge advantage to ordering a ton of stickers up front, without too much more up front cost. I wouldn't expect to sell all of them within a week, but I don't really want to sit on 900 of these for three years! Hence the thread to see what the interest is. So post up what you think and how many you could realistically see yourself buying. I would take payment in Burst, BTC, or USD (PayPal), but would encourage paying in Burst by pledging to hold all payments in Burst minus shipping costs for 6 months and donating 1% to faucets and 1% to dev funds.

    I have contacted @joziahdd to help with the design and am hoping to hear back soon. Here is a rough design I made, but I'm hoping he will be able to make it look a bit nicer and add some depth to it.
    If any others with graphic design experience want to take a crack at it, let me know!


  • I definitely like the idea!

  • You should check out the media contest going on πŸ™‚ creativity at its finest

  • @dagentlemang I literally was just thinking of posting this over in that thread, so I did!

  • Put in some work on the designs and got a lot closer to what I imagined the design looking like in the end. I'll gladly take opinions/input!
    Does anyone know where I can get the logo like the one in the design (with the completed word "Burst") in a higher resolution? I looked for it a bunch but couldn't find anything. I may just make it myself, but if it's floating around out there I don't see the point in doing work someone else has already done.



  • Good idea! I will buy when you sell it later.

  • Made one πŸ™‚