Make yourself a better crypto conversationalist

  • You may already have found yourself in a situation where you are trying to convince someone you know to explore crypto, Burst and blockchain. Unfortunately, many of us are not clever at putting our arguments forward. When you have finished your intro, a typical question people may ask you is "why do we need crypto currencies at all"? This is a perfect invitation to boast all the advantages of crypto, and you should be prepared to disseminate the information as clearly as possible without straying off topic. However, it is easy to get carried away, and then your audience may lose focus and interest.

    If you are familiar with this scenario, then please watch this TED talk clip with Don Tapscott for inspiration, as he disseminates the blockchain concept in an easy and understandable way: You could even share the link with people who want to learn more. Then, when they begin to understand the blockchain concept, you can explain the differences between Burst and other crypto currencies, obviously laying emphasis on the superiority of our precious coin.

  • This is great, definitely worth the watch!

  • Thank you for this..I really get long winded in trying t explain crypto to others but even so I managed to bring quite a few newbies into the fold and never give up! I appreciate this very much and thank you for sharing 🙂