Mining pool miners count

  • Does the number of miners on a pool affect the amount of shares you get?

    Which is better, to mine on a pool with a hundred miners or a pool with just 5 miners?

  • @Yey_09 In the long run it will make no difference, your share primarily depends on the number of TB you are mining with. Also number of miners on the Pool is of no consequence it is again the number of TB they are mining with that matters.

    The only difference is that if you are on a pool with a lot of TB then luck is reduced and reward variance will be smaller.

    Overlayed over the Big picture there are minor factors that will affect the amount you mine, these include differences in Pool Fees, responsiveness of the Pool which can sometimes be slow if there are a large number of Miners and Nonces being submitted, general pool reliability and uptime, and the speed at which you are scanning your Plots..