Holiday Mod

  • I am almost done with something a bit special for those who were using my mods 🙂 This one will NOT add some useful functionality, but instead add some bling bling... once conditions are right 😉

    Also for those who will install it there will be a message awaiting inside about the event i will run 🙂 So i hope there will be interested people in it 🙂

    DISCLAIMER: This mod is in no way or form associated with dev team, its purely my work, ideas and vision 🙂 (well i did use some 3rd party code to speed up things, but those are in code 🙂 ).

    I also would like to ask for those good enough with coding (and they are free to check it out to make sure there is nothing fishy about it) to not reveal what surprise this mod holds.

    Time until release: ITS ALIIIIIIVE!!!!!!

    Festive Mod 2016 what it does? It will bleed your eyes... someday 😃
    Downloads link:
    v1.0: Google Drive

    How to install:

    • Unzip files into you wallet folder
    • Go into html -> ui folder
    • Edit index.html (with any text editor: notepad, notepad++, etc)
      add this line of code:
    <script src="js/lithstud.present.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    at the end of file right after:

    <script src="js/nrs.subscription.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="js/nrs.modals.subscription.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="js/" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="js/nrs.crowdfunding.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="js/lithstud.aetrades.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    • For AIO users
      I havent tested it with AIO, but it works with Internet Explorer so it should work with AIO as well 🙂 You will need to clear the cache (pressing F5 should do the trick). But preferred way of running is in chrome browser 🙂

    How to uninstall:

    • Go into html -> ui folder
    • Edit index.html (with any text editor: notepad, notepad++, etc)
      remove this line of code:
    <script src="js/lithstud.present.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    thats it 🙂

    Once the requirements are met and surprise revealed i will answer any questions concerning it 🙂 For now ask me anything about the message you will see once logged into wallet 🙂
    -- LithStud

  • @LithStud What language you used?

  • @ccminer all things frontend 🙂

  • And the wait is over!! Now starts another wait 😃 Hope this will make your day... someday 😃
    Hmm i still got The Witcher EE (first game) so i think i will try to gift it to someone who will be best Santa little helper 🙂

  • @LithStud I installed and test it... didn't understood very well what is going to happen but i guess that is the point xD

    I will wait and see ... Hope the Santa is good to me this year! hahahah

  • @gpedro well if you participate you will get something 🙂 i guess from some ppl point of view the less ppl registers onto the list the more they get 😃 but again nobody will know how much burst i will add the last day 🙂 Those going for minimum i think i can guranty that atleast they will get it back (possibly more), if there is someone willing to donate for the benefit of others he maybe wont get more, but i will make sure to mention all such Santa Helpers 😃

    And as i said I have one game to give away 🙂 (or so i hope that its key hasnt expired 🙂 )

    Ahh and if you notice some problem, or weird glitch let me know 🙂 tho weirdness should be contained untill its time 🙂

  • @LithStud LOL no weird glitch xD It even closes and open looking clean 😉
    I will see what i can find in my wallet to send to there... ;P

  • Oh BTW! Those participating can use BurstSanta instead of walled address 😉 It works only in wallets afcourse but still fun 🙂

  • @LithStud Secure the account first please... Claim in a faucet and change the name of the account or something...
    TBH this was the first time i used an alias xD

  • @gpedro its all done not sure why its not registering on the blockchain o_O hmm i will send 1 BURST maybe it need some outgoing transaction

  • @gpedro i think i know why it said nothing was done 🙂 it kinda tracks Alias transaction separatly from accound ID 😃

  • @LithStud I receive this message "The alias links to account BURST-DE6R-T5CY-VVXG-3W7R2. The recipient account is an unknown account, meaning it has never had an incoming or outgoing transaction. The alias was last adjusted on 12/21/2016 21:26:04."

  • @gpedro yes you wont get it anymore 🙂 since i did a transfer of 1 burst to my personal alias (got same message for it as you) 🙂 Basically once you assign an alias to your account that message appears 🙂 you can have hundreds of transactions before it still gonna display that msg until you do something 😃

    No wait i think its because i added it to my contacts list lol 🙂 so not sure how to remove that message, its not there if using Account ID (i guess thats another thing to my list of things to track down inside code and see whats going on 😃 )

  • It only sent you a message?
    Can you explain what exactly was sent out from my wallet to you?

    @LithStud I am terribly sorry, it was meant to other program, your mod working perfectly 🙂

  • @rnahlawi sorry i am missing something 🙂 i dont understand what your asking about. We were talking about using Alias instead of account ID and using Alias it works but it shows warning that account is unknown, while using stright up just account id all is well 🙂

  • So the mod should have started activating all around the world 🙂 Its should be covering most of the Europe and all Asia by now 🙂 in next 6-8h it reach US. Happy Christmas, Holidays, Hanukkah and whatever else people celebrate during next week! The mod will be active till 2017 then it will deactivate itself 🙂 Feel free to post screenshots or ramble about weird glitches here and there.

    And there is 2 button on top left corner near logo to change weather 😉

    Slightly crazy,

  • admin

    0_1482672853793_Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-12-25 14:07:17.png

    So nice!
    I've scrolled through the new code and it looks all good. 🙂

    Merry Christmas.

  • @daWallet there is still some places not altered. mostly as i didnt have a way to check them out (like message decrypt notification) and also due to some of them being implemented not as a class but stright away on element itself (so hard to target if you dont know where its gonna appear lol)

    And afcourse crowdfund page since its done separately from the rest of wallet. I will be looking at some parts these days and do some upgrade/polish 🙂

    NOTICE: snow is heavy on gpu 😉 so there is buttons to turn it off (or if you want your card to suffer turn on Snowstorm 😃 )

  • Ok. Looking at the time left till this mod deactivates itself. Its not really worth it to update anything 🙂
    But! Let me know if you liked it and would like to see a reskin of wallet. No snow tho :p

  • @LithStud Absolutelly man... I love it!!!