Mining block question


    I started mining recently and I mined 2 blocks from pool but I only got around 840 out of 2378 each block as reward. Where do the rest of the reward go?

  • i think the split for that pool is 60/40 ... witch means 60% go's to the currant round shares you would get the most as the forger but its split with everyone who submitted deadlines for that block on your pool , and the remaining 40% gets sent to the pools historic shares . witch is a running total of deadlines submitted for the last 50 blocks. , payout is never the same amount as it includes transaction fees contained in the block and % of shares will vary depending on how many deadlines was submitted and how many are close to yours ... if you win with a 4 min deadline and the person in #2 spot has a 5 min deadline the shares you get will be lower than if the #2 spot has say a 5 hour deadline.