FAUCET OWNERS & SPONSORS: Thank you all for your support.

  • I have been on BURST for a little while, while I still strive to come to terms with the world of crypto-currencies. Ever since I joined this community, I have always cherished the support I personally got whenever I raised queries. At times when I shared my disappointing experiences from other dismally futile endeavours, some of the good people here went as far as sending me a few BURST and some assets to get me started and moving forward. I sincerely highly appreciate that. I have also regularly drawn from daily claims in the faucets that are currently running. What I have noted is that sometimes, other days can be a bit dry. But the good people who keep these faucets going, always bounce back and replenish them.

    I know I do not get to log in on this forum, but today I made a conscious choice to do so instantly after making my faucet claims for the day.