Mining in a proliant gen8 g1610t

  • i´m thinking about buy this microserver for mining burst, a proliant g8 g1610t.
    I dont know if this machine can mine burst or if i must update the cpu or add a dedicated GPU.
    If i update the cpu i´m thinking in a xeon e3-1260L... it´s enought for cpu mining? if not, adding a dedicated GPU like radeon r7 240 can i do it?
    Now i´m mining in a convencional PC with a r9 280x but de energy cost is extremely high. Now i´m mining with 16TB that would be updated to 24TB after this christmas. I´m waitig for your advices... thankt to all

  • @Erinmore you do not really need the GPU for mining. Burst mining is quite inexpensive. GPU is a plus to reduce the plotting time.
    I would say that the main thing for MINING, after the total capacity you have, is the reading speed of your drivers.

  • @ccminer thanks!!! i bought it now. In few days i hope configure it for mining burst... I´ll post here the times for mining with 16Tb (4x4TB) with the CPU that includes of serie... i hope it will enough and not take too long to do the process (only minning, the HDD are already plotted)
    If it takes too long, i´ll update the system with a better CPU... my alternative would be a xeon e3-1260L

  • @Erinmore if it takes 30 sec or less you are ok

  • @ccminer Thanks!!!!