The cookie project

  • I know, i know, it sounds ridiculous...but hear me out for a sec

    I'm starting a new experimental form of crypto trading. I don't usually trade crypto , but i got bored a few weeks ago and i started fiddling with the mechanics of some of my trading strategies and tried to apply and adapt them to crypto.


    It actually works! But only for small volumes because the strategy i managed to adapt is get-in-get-out fast, which means that i can only do it on certain coins with high-ish volume and in trades of 0.05 BTC or less. But anyway, that can bring in about 1% per day, which is impressive as fuck given that i spend literally 5 minutes per day looking for the trades.

    But that's not the point of the cookie project.

    What this thing is all about is that i set aside 0.10 BTC and put it into an older polo account of mine and will start trading starting from right now. The profits i get will be put into an account i will announce in a sec. (haven't made lazy)

    So, your creepy uncle nameless will create an asset called COOKIE. This asset is not for sale, but can be earned. And i need YOUR help to make this a reality. Here's how:

    When you see someone making a great post on the forum, and you feel like that person deserves more than an upvote, you can give the man a cookie. All you have to say is : @nameless , give this man a cookie!

    I will then contact the person and ask for their BURST address and they will receive a COOKIE asset.

    So what are cookie assets good for?

    1. People get to pride that they gather tons of cookies because the community voted for them to have it - the more cookies you gather, the more respect you have 😛
    2. I will set a buy wall with the earnings from my crypto experimental account thingy, and people can redeem their cookies for burst if they want. They just have to sell their assets back to me 🙂
    3. I will have a cookie monster monthly award, where the top cookie holder will get a prize consisting of a pack of random shares in chosen assets by me (roughly 50k burst value)

    this is my free fun twist of an asset and fun for the community. So remember kids : when you see a good post or a really funny one, just shout out and i will give the man/woman a cookie 🙂

    PS: it would help a lot if all you kids would post your burst address in your signatures...

  • @nameless Funny idea LOL i love it to be honest... hahahaha

  • I forgot to mention @Propagandalf will receive the first cookie because of the brilliant comment he made in 500k about my girlfriend and inspiring this idea by doing so.

  • That's awesome. That's why I love this forum and this community. If I won one cookie sometime, I want a strawberry flavor please.

  • @JotaJota i never thought of giving cookies flavors... i need to figure out the logistics of the thing 🙂

    On another note folks, good news :

    The cookie asset is already in profit! Quick in, quick out (just like my love life...sigh)


    ...roughly 400 burst were made on this trade...

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    @namelss, give everyone a cookie

  • @Focus said in The cookie project:

    @namelss, give everyone a cookie

    lol...given that there are about 1k members on this forum by my estimate...that might take a while 🙂

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    @nameless said in The cookie project:

    @Focus said in The cookie project:

    @namelss, give everyone a cookie

    lol...given that there are about 1k members on this forum by my estimate...that might take a while 🙂

    Then you have your work cut out for you, sooner you start the sonner it will be over with

    ^^^ stating the obviuos ^^^

  • and a cookie for @Focus for being a pain in my ass. please PM me your address and i will send you a share once i created the damn thing


  • @nameless there is not only 1k users on the forum... Matter in fact, @haitch told me that we had 2361 users (9 days ago) on this forum 😉

  • @gpedro , well, now i feel what santa feels like 🙂 . There's no way in hell i can send 2k+ cookies any time soon. But call out when you see someone on the forum in need of a cookie and i will provide

  • @nameless I will for sure 😉

  • This is a cool idea.
    @nameless can you give yourself a cookie?

  • @TimboSlice said in The cookie project:

    This is a cool idea.
    @nameless can you give yourself a cookie?

    i guess... nah, no cookies for me! what would be the point in giving myself cookies?

  • @nameless how about give some cookies to frequent players at the or to people who promote our little "killing friendships" game 😃

  • @nameless I love it! These crazy ideas is what makes my day 1000 times better! xD

  • @JotaJota not possible, you'll see why soon. Plus, the cookie asset is only meant for the forum here.

  • Great idea and sounds like fun!

  • Great! Give the cookie for @nameless for this project! )))

  • @nameless Got it boss, no prob.