Festive Event 2016 by LithStud

  • Hi!

    Some already know me, for others i am the dude who from time to time makes a mod for wallet 🙂 sometimes its useful sometimes it not 😃

    While at first i was thinking to do this event just for those who uses my mods, i do believe it might be better if let others in as well 🙂

    So there is a wallet made just for this event BurstSanta its account ID BURST-DE6R-T5CY-VVXG-3W7R2
    Event Ends: 2016.12.29

    Event itself is to make people happy and share some festive spirit all around. How do i participate in it? Well i had come up with these rules:

    • To register onto event, send minimum of 10 BURST to the BurstSanta
    • use Wallet that has been created BEFORE 2016.12.12, so we can stop that pesky Grinch

    Now the thing is you can help BurstSanta by sending more than minimum, also sending assets. Why?
    Everything that will be in BurstSanta wallet will be split among those who registered (unless your wallet was made after 12.12). BURST going to be equal (so if you sent min 10 you will get it back, but if there is more helpers it should be more than that 😃 ).
    Assets will be split as even as possible randomly (i will not look up those assets prices).
    Forgot to mention: Best BurstSanta helper will get The Witcher: Enhanched Edition its nothing much but i hope it will bring some happiness 🙂

    Whats in it for me? Absolutely nothing. Actually last day i will add some BURST from myself. This event is a thank you from me to the people who trust me and my mods.

    Just for this festive time i made a surprise mod that everybody can get from Holiday Mod Thread. Other more useful stuff can be found in Burst Software.

    Got any questions? Feel free to ask and i will try to explain or clarify to the best of my abilities.

    Happy trading,
    -- LithStud

  • Sounds like fun! Count me in for sure, already sent alittle something.

  • @gecox22 thanks for participating! 🙂 Have a nice festive time this weekend 🙂

  • Just sent 500 Burst 🙂

  • I'm in, got a couple hundred. Not much

  • admin

    @LithStud BurstSanta got a donation from me.

  • Thanks guys 🙂 the way its going i hope the less active community members joins in 🙂
    Hmm i think i will do a list of those who did more than minimum so everybody knows 🙂 i will make sure to ask if the person wants to stay anonymous 🙂

  • Donated to BurstSanta

  • Gave to Santa too!

    Could you explain how to use your mod (exactly) like mod for dummies lol

  • @tross just write in the mod you want to ask 🙂 so as to keep this thread from offtopic 🙂 And i will try to explain 🙂 since at the moment dont know about wich one your asking 😃

  • admin

    @tross Download the mod from: Google Drive

    Extract the zip into your wallet directory.

    Edit html\ui\index.html and right at the end of the file, with all the other <script src= ...... > lines, add:

    <script src="js/lithstud.present.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    Then reload the page in your browser.

  • @haitch Thanks

  • @LithStud Send some... not much but i intend to send some more on sunday 😉

  • Caught up with todays entrys 🙂 messages sent to all who needed asking about Thank you list 🙂
    Eligible accounts: 14
    Invalid accounts: 1

  • @LithStud , just sent.

  • @bitko your on the list 🙂
    Eligible accounts: 16
    Invalid accounts: 1

    Some might have gotten my message about giving more than minimum even if they did give minimum, sorry bout that just ignore it, i am doing this by hand and i am still human 😉

  • admin

    @LithStud Got it and replied.

  • @LithStud so what happens if i donate assets? Basically assets get split evenly but I'd also get a split of the burst donated? And thanks for doing this by the way - very festive of you!

  • @vier23 best if you add those 10 Burst as well since i am not going to check up the assets that will be sent, and its easier for me to manage the list. But if its too troublesome just let me know beforehand through PM your address and will will know to look it up specifically 🙂

    Now about assets spliting. If there is 1 share and 20 ppl on list then one of those 20 ppl will get it (i think i will use random.org for this and just double check if that account hasnt got asset from BurstSanta bag 🙂 )

    I do understand some assets can be split in decimals, but not sure how feasible that is. I would like some perspective in this regard from ppl managing such assets as probably its not very cost effective for them to pay 0.005 burst and 1 burst fee (just example)

  • @LithStud thanks for the quick reply man! I'm planning on donating a lot more than 1 asset so I think it'll be fine with that respect. I'll also add at least 10 burst as well to make your life easier:) thanks again!