What is happening with the burstcoin price?

  • We seem to just keep getting lower right now and I want input from other people as to what is happening.

  • @stupendelious Maybe too much people trying to buy their christmas gifts with their BURST idk xD

  • @stupendelious bitcoin price is rising 🙂 So seeing it in satoshi price is actually a pretty wrong perspective. If you look at the marketcap of burst however, it shows a very positive picture.

    march 17th: $164k marketcap
    may 17th: $272k
    july 17th: $476k
    september 9th: $653k (just before the big spike)
    november 21st: $813k (somewhat low point after big spike)
    december 23rd: $983k

    If you look at it like this, burst is making a very very healthy growth.

    ps: I would therefore recommend to leverage your crypto porto with enough btc

  • BTC is pumpin like a rocket, so in sats, the majority of alts is red. We reached 900 USD per BTC, the bigger price in the last 2 or 3 years.

    Its normal. But like @BurgerBaron said, our marketcap is increasing 😃

  • @JotaJota Im buying a load of Burst when I get my 0.029 BTC from VirWox 🙂

  • @stupendelious Let's say that you had 1mil burst on 22nd November, the price of BURST was at 74 sat and BTC price was at 740$, so you would had 547.60$...
    Now the price of BURST is at 64 sat and the price of BTC was at 900$ so you have 567$. And even if the price of BURST lowered 10 sat in one month, his true value still grow almost 20 bucks so the value of BURST increased...

  • One burst equals one burst, in all seriousness use the euro or usd to compare not btc

  • Does it ever stop grinding downward? Like wtf, it seems that the more I invest, the lower the price goes. Geeees

  • BTC raising fast. If Burst drops less than 50, I'll get some BTC on lending and buy what I can of Burst lol

  • @Vanquish the value of burst is going up , it just that compared to bitcoin at the moment its not going up as fast as bitcoin, bitcoins price went up therefor you can buy more burst per bitcoin / on the flip you buy less bitcoin with your US $$ at time of this post bitcoin is 976$ a month ago it was in the 760$ range

  • @Gibsalot The value is going up but when does that directly translate to $USD? It would be nice to see a decent return to reinvest. Right now I can't do this, I will continue to mine and add HDD's but it will be a much slower rate.

  • Yep its a natural course of events with the rising price of BTC on some exchanges $980 USD which is great , but as it was noted the value of Burst is increasing and this is the bit that is more interesting to me , the satoshi price is good , but the market cap rise is the nuts and bolts of it in the end the real world value !!